Corrective steps need to be taken to arrest this phenomenon

To,                                                                                              29.04.2013
The Honourable President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee                                     
Rashtrapathi Bavan,
New Delhi.

Subject: Government Employees' participation in politics


In recent years, we have seen an alarming rise in Government employees openly participating in politics. Corrective steps need to be taken to arrest this phenomenon. It is well known that government employees in India have not been accountable to the public for a long time. But their involvement in politics makes matters worse. In general, it is also well known that corrupt practices began with government employees and spread to politics.

It is true that political power is used for protecting the corrupt. In many instances, even the so called socialist left parties are also equally responsible for the present behavior of the government employees and making them parasites. Majority of the public sector industries and other institutions are not working on expected lines because of net-works of political corruption.

It is important that government employees be made to recognize that they are servants and not masters of the public. Towards that end, we suggest the adoption of the following norms.

Government employees must be made aware that they are thriving on the blood and sweat of toiling people of our society.

Employees unions may be allowed to fight for their reasonable service matters but should not be allowed to get involved in politics. Employees unions must maintain political neutrality. They should not associate with any political party.

Teachers and university employees drawing salaries from the government should be treated on par with any other government employee; they should not be given any extra privilege to indulge in politics.

The members of civil service serve at the pleasure of the President of India. Article 311 of the Constitution protects them from politically motivated or vindictive action.

As per the code of conduct employees should not involve in politics detrimental to administration. Such activities should be dealt with sternly.

Strategies of appeasement should not be used by government while dealing with employees. Though they are termed servants, they are actually bred and brought up to feel that they are superior to common people. They have an umbrella of security in the sense that their jobs are guaranteed, even if they are average or poor performers, and this sense of security makes them arrogant in their behavior towards common people.

Employees creating hardship to the public must be sacked without any hesitation and if necessary suitable laws should be made to that end.

Common people are helpless victims of government employees. The later should not be spared for dereliction of their duties and involvement in unlawful activities.

All government employees or public servants and beneficiaries of all kind from the government must compulsorily admit their children in government schools so that all schools will function properly and student indiscipline also can be checked.

As long as they are in service they should discharge their duties without any prejudice and partiality. Also they should not discriminate and entertain the feelings on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex, and place of birth, or any of them.

All government employees must be made to declare their assets and of their family members at the time of joining service itself, also periodically afterwards.

Persons selected for Central Civil Services must be made to declare their entire family assets before they called for training.

All elected representatives taking remuneration are also public servants. Hence all the assets of their family members’ should be declared along before taking the oath or charge of the post.

Corruption can’t be eradicated by ACBs or CBIs unless uncompromising position is taken against fraudulent employees. Such employees won’t deserve any kind of Compassion.

For all these problems root cause is indiscipline in government employees. Hence it is necessary not to permit their indiscipline any more. If it is done automatically political corruption gets eradicated.

No organization should be treated as autonomous in service matters when they are taking funds from government.

Politicians should not be allowed to interfere in the service matters of civil servants. Why should they bother about employees transfers, promotions, suspensions etc?

Every employee must get duty chart to follow while in service. Whoever is found dereliction of duty must be immediately dismissed.

Suspension is not a punishment. In a way it is a favour since the employee is getting all allowances plus half of the basic during that period. Loss to the employee is only the bribe amount the employee use to get.

For abuse of duties of any employee, the punishment should be removal from service and confiscation of properties acquired by illegal means.

Our constitutional provisions are there to discipline everybody. The governments are not sincere to implement them, as they are depending on employees.

The employees are accustomed to lead luxurious life. They do not even care about the society. Corruption started with them  and percolated down to the whole society

When persons working in private schools and other establishments, are maintaining punctuality and discharging their duties sincerely, why government employees could not?

Administration in the country mainly depends on the proper discharge of duties by the central civil service cadre. There were honest and dedicated eminent officers like S.R Sankaran, IAS, B.D.Sharma, IAS, Prakash Singh, IPS, P.R.Rao, IRS (IT), and few others. They are to be taken as role models to emulate in the administration.

The above suggestions are made in the light of the fact that more and more employees’ union leaders are openly participating in politics and becoming agents of self serving politicians.

If employees are allowed to have their say in politics, then they will become ‘bhasmasuras’ in future. This must be remembered by all politicians.

We therefore request all the right thinking people to work for the unity of the country and welfare of the society. Appeasing methods towards government employees should be stopped forthwith. If they are left scot free the administration will be ruined as well as unity of our nation will be disturbed.

Yours sincerely,

J V Ramana Reddy

S R Sankaran Grama Chaitanya Kendram,
Kommaneturu colony, Gudur Mandal,
Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh – 524 406

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