Please India dont drink

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Lalita Dabas Deswal : In India these days men and women find it more exciting and no fun without alcohol…. This PEE OF DEVIL makes me scared to Hell by God…. what if someone You love n drinks and drives.. or invited something unexpected and unwanted.. may be I am not among those who find it fun..may be because I am not born in a family where people drink And I am not married to a alcoholic man….Though my very best female friends drink.. and males around me as well.. I never objected or hated them And I can't be…. But I never liked it either When people love Boozing…. It is their life.. but a sad fact is drinking needs a manner …

Rukmini Devi Dasi Manoogian : Alchohol and India I hear is the least touchd by alchohol. My sister was killd by a drunk driver. My grandfather on mothers side lost family store and died young,my fathers mothers brothers all drank. Many girls are raped and drugged. It is a hellish scurge. Please India dont drink. There are other ways to relax. Yoga is best and meditation. It is a sin. Truly. Those men that killd that beautiful medical student were underaged and drunk. They were probably in black out stage where the drunk remembers nothing. The west is made of drunks and sexmongers-mlechas. Dont follow us. Lead us to liberation. Half of usa addicted to alchohol, drugs and prescribed meds for pain and stress. Daily oil and massage and meditation, homecookd vegetarian meals,good old fashionéd love.

Dhull Kuldeep : There is no rule after drinking. Avoid the people who drink more than afordable level. In my experience alcohol can change the basic personality.

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