मंत्री ने अपने गुंडों से महिला पत्रकार की शर्ट के बटन खोलने को कहा

ज़मानत पर छूटने के बाद NEWS9/TV9 के दोनो पत्रकारों ने आज बंगलौर प्रेस क्लब में प्रेस कांन्फ्रेंस कर कर्नाटक के उर्जा मंत्री डीके शिवकुमार के यहां हुई घटना का सच सबके सामने बताया। पत्रकार श्रेयस ने बताया कि मंत्री के आदमियों ने उसे बुरी तरह अपने बूटों से मारा और तेज़ धारदार हथियार से हमला भी किया। महिला पत्रकार ने रोते हुए बताया कि मंत्री डीके शिवकुमार ने उसकी शर्ट के बटन को पकड़ते हुए अपने आदमियों से कहा कि इसकी शर्ट के सारे बटन खोल दो। उसका कहना है कि मंत्री उसे अपने समर्थकों के सामनें विवस्त्र करना चाहता था। दोनो पत्रकारों ने बताया कि मंत्री ने इस पूरे घटनाक्रम की विडियो रिकार्डिंग भी करवाई है। उन्होनें बताया कि उनके स्टिंग कैमरे और विडियो फीड जो कि सबूत के तौर पर इस्तेमाल हो सकते थे पुलिस द्वारा ज़ब्त कर लिए गए हैं।

Six days after DK Shivakumar and his henchmen attacked our journos who were on a mission to expose his corrupt ways, NEWS9/TV9 journos Shreyas and Shweta spoke at a press conference at the Press Club in Bangalore.

It’s been six days since the infamous incident. And today, NEWS9/TV9 journos came out in the open and addressed a press conference to share the hardships they went through just because they tried to expose corruption at the highest level of government.

Today, Shreyas, the brave journalist who braced it all recollected what unfolded through the week. From the horrifying experience at DK Shivakumar’s house to the cops refusing to accept their counter complaint, he shared it all to the entire media that had gathered at the Press Club.

While Shreyas was beaten, booted and attacked with sharp weapons, our woman scribe Shweta was assaulted and molested by DK Shivakumar’s henchmen in the presence of the minister and the police. The female journalist Shweta told everyone present that the Energy Minister of Karnataka, DK Shivakumar himself touched the button of her shirt and asked his henchmen to unbutton her. Shweta was almost near tears when she described the harrowing experience. She said that the minister wanted her to be unbuttoned in front of 60-70 angry men.

Apart from this, NEWS9/TV9 journos also shared some crucial facts about the infamous incident at the presser today. They revealed how and why they planned the sting operation on DK Shivakumar. They believe that the minister spied on the NEWS9/TV9 journalists who posed as representatives of a fictitious company. This gives rise to a big question. How lawful would spying be on part of a person who holds a commendable position in the society?

The journalists also revealed that DK Shivakumar had one of his men record the whole incident that unfolded at his house. The journalists have also revealed that the sting cameras and the video feed, which would serve as evidence have been confiscated by the police. But will it remain safe in the police custody? That's the big question.

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