For those who ultimately murdered Khurshid da, here are a few ‘reminders’

Divya Padmanabhan : For those who ultimately murdered Khurshid da, here are a few 'reminders'. Firstly, remember team boond, you told us you wanted to take action. You remember, the so called 'victim', didnt want to do so citing many reasons.

You remember us asking you to file a case, report to the police, do something formal, even approaching Khurshid and asking him upright what has happened. And then you went silent for a week, resurfaced and apologized for the story you made up. You gave your version of who made what lies. Was Khurshid responsible for the internal stupidities of your group? But then you didnt let the matter rest there, you knew of the news making rounds. you were cornered, mayank and ila. Mayank, you put a post and then deleted it. you kept dodging calls, messages. we tried to contact you.

you were NEVER available. And then you were cornered again on the question of funding for your group. we know, you know that many of these were Khurshid's contacts. we were naive enough to believe your promise that you would make the funds clear after your marriage. You still haven't by the way. You knew of the posts of Zahreela Tapan, Nalin Mishra, Manish Tiwari, and others of team boond. And yet chose to ignore them blatantly. as if nothing ever had gone wrong. You knew of the media trials, of the TV reports. Now answer us.

Khurshid is gone, he was too principled to bear your daily trails, instead of dying every single day, he decided to end it one day. He maintained till the end that he was willing for a court case, any action he would co operate. but you didnt want any of that. And you the 'victim', you said that you wanted to kill him, you did. but this is not the end, this is the beginning for justice. For a life murdered.

जेएनयू में शोध छात्रा दिव्या पद्मनाभन के फेसबुक वॉल से.

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