यौन अपराधों के विरुद्ध आमिर खान की मुहिम से जुड़ें, नीचे दिए नंबर पर मिस कॉल करें

Hello everyone, I just saw the first episode of "STAYAMEV JAYATE". The topic of the episode was regarding Rape Cases and incidents of sexual harassment in India. I know, We all are busy in our daily routine life. But still, we all are afraid about our mother, sister, daughter and Wife's security. Please give a miss call on 18001032301. This number is to create 'One Stop Center' in every city of India to help rape victims.

So if you care for your loved ones, please share this number. We all use messaging services to exchange many top chain massages and mails. So just for humanity, I would request all readers to forward this number to as many peoples as you can.

Just one miss call for change and betterment of our country. Do give a call. It just takes a while to do a good thing. You will also get a SMS regarding your registration. SATYAMEV JAYATE…


Ashwani Verma

Amar Ujala Publication Ltd.



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