How the HDFC involved in CORRUPTION?

Dear Mr Chairman, This is all indian knows and think that you are against corruption and also you have given statement that 'political & industrial tie-ups are very dangerous corruption which is growing fast' may I know from you sir where did you stand in this told 'corruption' Tree, as you are the chairperson of HDFC i think you are also responsible of the acts done by your employees of so called HDFC Bank, did you take any responsibility of your employees activities as they are on roles of your organization or Mr aditya Puri will take for you as MD.

Whatever but i have question 'if one of your contractual employee write about some corruption being in some government organization with pvt companies and then the pvt company Harris & try to kill,send goons to home and office of your said contractual employee with the help of your permanent high ranked employees tandons and goswamis' what then your opinion will be,for your help i am attaching same copies kindly see especially 9 & 10 that show how HDFC Bank is also involved in corruption.

Please revert or give answer whatever you give or all in this mail,I dont mind if You all are with corruption because you all are culprits if dont give reply.
and also Please tell Mr Gautam Adani and family that now I am not affraid of them or there threatening of if they will kill me,my wife,my child,my father mother or else,they maked my day to day life horrible because i am fighting for corruption,you are sending goons to me and my family to stop this , tell them I will not stop.

Pls see  –    Lokyukt Report

K N Agnihotri 

D4 705/B-9 third flr
kanupriya appt,ward 6
Mehrauli, New Delhi-110030.

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