सोनिया संग छपने के लिए, हुड्डा ने पत्रकारों को खिलाए लाखों के ड्राई-फ्रूट्स

ये है हमारे देश की राजनीति और मीडिया का सच| शायद ही कोई मीडिया चैनल इसे दिखाये| मगर सबसे बड़ा सवाल ये है कि छोटे-छोटे मुद्दों पर छद्म विरोध प्रदर्शन करने वाला विपक्ष अब कहाँ घोड़े बेचकर सो रहा है?

आपने ये तो सुना होगा की कई पार्टियों के मुख्यमंत्री जनता को लैपटॉप, टीवी वग़ैरहा बाँटते है, और अपना वोट बैंक पक्का करते है, मगर CAG ने इस बार खुलासा किया है की हरियाणा सरकार के कांग्रेसी मुख्यमंत्री हुड्डा ने 2008 से 2013 तक पत्रकारों को कुल 87 लाख के "गिफ्ट" बाँट दिए है. इन उपहारों में पार्कर पेन, बेड-शीट और ड्राई-फ्रूट्स जैसी चीज़ें शामिल है. हमारी राजनीतिक ज़मात का भ्रष्टाचार तो जगजाहिर है मगर इन पत्रकारों के बारे में क्या कहियेगा…जो लाखों केड्राई फ्रूट्स खा गए….?

क्या ऐसे पत्रकार और ऐसी सरकार जनहित में कभी काम कर सकते है???


ये है डेलीमेल में छपी पूरी ख़बरः

CAG slams Haryana government over ads featuring top UPA leaders
By Man Aman Singh Chhina

The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) has come down heavily on the Haryana government for releasing ads bearing the photographs of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda.

The adverse comments on the government for splurging on these ads have been made in the CAG draft report on irregularities in the functioning of the state's Public Relations and Cultural Affairs Department.

The report states that the format of the ads was such that they had joint photographs of the CM, PM and UPA chairperson.
"The ads were highlighting more about individuals than about the plans or schemes of the Government of Haryana," it observed.

The CAG report goes on to state that an expenditure of Rs 2.35 crore on these ads was "against canons of financial propriety as the public money was utilised directly or indirectly for the benefits of the individuals".

Thus the department's objective to make the public aware about its policies and schemes was not achieved through these advertisements, says the report.
It is common for state governments to feature photos of political leaders in their ads, but it is perhaps the first time that the CAG has taken adverse notice of such a thing.
The detailed report also takes note of ads released by the Hooda government to the newspaper owned by the CM's close confidant Venod Sharma, who is also the Congress MLA from Ambala.
The report mentions that ads were released to the newspaper despite the fact that it was not empanelled and without assessing its circulation of impact assessment.

The report has also exposed the use of government funds by the Hooda government to win the favours of media persons. Stating that such expenditure was against financial propriety, it has pointed out how, in the past, the Haryana government gifted pens costing Rs 16,300 each to journalists. Twenty-five such pens costing over Rs 4 lakh were purchased and distributed.

Many other gifts totalling about Rs 87 lakh were also allegedly distributed among media persons. The report says it was improper to use scarce government resources to give gifts to media persons to seek favourable reporting. (साभार: dailymail.co.uk)


योगेश गर्ग के फेसबुक वॉल से।

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