Misbehaving for Refund of Caution Money – IMS, Noida Sector 63

Respected President, While writing this email to you I have no other option but to assume that at least you will be doing your job right and hopefully this channel to layout grievances has some sanctity. We have completed our MCA program from IMS, Noida in 2011 but till now we didn't recieved our caution money (which is around 13,000, College+Hostel) back. Actively we are reaching out to the College Administration for last 2.5 yrs, but they are just ignoring us.

It seems you are not running an Institute to provide a better education facility to the students instead you are running a business. Now since you have got all the sales you could make from us, you thought why be customer centric to these customers (we have already sucked out blood from him already).

If you have some sense of customer service( I think we are customer for you) and even if there is 1 person in the Institute who has business ethics left and can make a difference might be able to help. Below is the matter :
So some months back I guess January /February'13, it was told by college administration (I am not going to take anybody's name here, everyone loves his/her job) that our caution money must be returned to us by July/August'13 for sure and we stupid starts waiting this time but we were sure nothing gonna happen here and that's come true.  Now it was a few days back when I called to Accounts deptt. for the inquiry. I got though a stupid guy of yours who after listening to my concern for 10 minutes and kept me on hold to find the correct resolution never came back and chose to disconnect while I was still holding the line. Anyways I called again and this time around managed to speak to the guy who initially sounded interested in helping me and after keeping me on hold for several minutes and times and upon talking to a few departments and chose to come back with a heavy and distinct pitches thinking that everyone who calls here either the first time or last as then it becomes another problem in his life. So….he says that we will inform it on nortice board. To my surprise and out of hesitation I still chose inquire further regarding this.
Now, he said we can keep all of your money for next 10 years if you can do anything then go and do.(its rocket science that we are dealing with at IMS). I was inquisitive so I asked that what will I do to get my money back. He suggested to take the help of media and start voilence in the campus… now how how intelligent IMS could be!!! Till now I had absolutely forgotten that I am talking to a deptt. of a prestigious institute. This was about little less than 15 minutes that I spent with him on phone. Thanking the unworthy I kept the phone down with a hope that someone will come back with a solution. Abviously, it was not gonna happen. Now agreeing to his words i am going to take the help of media and if required will go with judiciary also.
If you could help me with the issue I will be glad but I will not hesitate in circulating the blog with my friends at press and of course all the social media that is available to me.
Lets See !!!

Shashank Mohan Singh


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