India tv is not a neutral channel and it was never to be

: Somnath bharti and goons : These elections are going to make us believe that still India is not open for debates. We want to force people to step into our shoes or face consequences. India tv is not a neutral channel and it was never to be. The incident show signs of downfall of democracy and upliftment of violence. Sometimes I think Bapu was the only non-violent person we had in our history. As we see in normal routime life too.

There is kind of noise in society which works as silent poison or sparkle that can become fire in no time. Every member of Modi bhakti movement whether paid or non-paid is trying hard for a cover drive with no timing at all. The shots may give them runs but its like no “matter how they come”. The liberals as we think of ourselves have waited, are waiting and will wait for that peaceful country we have a dream of, but to no rescue as the incidents like these keep reminding me of how violently we celebrate festival, win, or anything like the way we can make noise to let others know, more than we are happy by that.

Law and order situation was bad in our country in last ten years or so, but it will improve with Modi or BJP coming to power is like believe in aliens’ existence. If we really want to make criminals out of parliament than we should not produce or make criminals on the name of hype and force. Otherwise we would soon be at the same place where we were 20 odd years back.



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