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: STATEMENT ON INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY, 2014 : On this International Women’s Day the Delhi Union of Journalists and the DUJ Gender Council commit ourselves once again to upholding the dignity, rights and freedoms of all women and particularly those of women journalists in the print, broadcast and electronic media.

We pledge to struggle for fair wages, decent terms of employment, safe working conditions and a gender just environment at the workplace.  We applaud our women colleagues for successfully negotiating space within media over the past decades and reaching many milestones.  We urge that they dedicate themselves to creating a media that is free, equal and just in its portrayal of the role of women in society.

As journalists, both women and men, we pledge to work to build democracy, peace, equality and harmony in our plural and diverse nation. We pledge to struggle against poverty and social discrimination.  We commit ourselves to the empowerment of all Indian women.

Sujata Madhok

S.K. Pande
General Secretary


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