छंटनी पर डीयूजे की प्रेस रिलीज : Jungle Law Spreads to Television Industry

The Delhi Union of Journalists protests the reported sacking of around 30 per cent of journalists and employees of the Network 18 group and expresses full solidarity with them. DUJ functionaries, who yesterday heard some insider accounts of the broadcaster learnt that the services of over 350 employees are being illegally and arbitrarily terminated. It is a mater of shame that a few days back, around 135 employees of the Outlook group were thrown out, with little relief, despite a Mumbai court ordering the maintenance of  status quo.

Despite several memorandums by journalists’ bodies particularly the DUJ, both the Centre and the state governments and in particular the I & B and Labour ministries have done little to provide relief. In fact, the DUJ has been spearheading a campaign to bring the electronic media under the purview of the Working Journalists Act. It has also been demanding the setting up of a Media Commission to have a look into the conditions of journalists and press workers in all sectors of the media.

The DUJ reiterates that is a matter of record-that more than half a dozen press workers illegally dismissed have died due to starvation in the past three years in the capital  despite court orders calling for their reinstatement.  The DUJ expresses its solidarity with the journalists and employees of the Network18 group who are protesting jointly with employees of other TV channels. The DUJ calls upon all concerned ministries to immediately intervene. It also appeals to MPs cutting across party lines to support the just cause of these employees and end the jungle law prevailing.

Sujata Madhok                                         

S K Pande
General Secretary

Press Release

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