Kumar Ketkar meets Modi-Eyes Sudhindra Kulkarni’s role in Team Modi

Veteran Marathi journalist and staunch Gandhi family loyalist Kumar Ketkar is in a mood to shift his age old loyalty,sources from Mumbai BJP claims. Ardent supporter of Sonia Gandhi and aggressive RSS and Modi basher Kumar Ketkar,secretly met BJP's PM in waiting Narendra Modi with BJP leader Shyam Jaju at New Delhi and conveyed his best wishes to Narendra Modi for 2014 general elections.This meeting was aimed at pressing for top berth in Modi's non political team at Delhi,if Modi becomes PM after next year general elections.

State BJP leaders Madhav Bhandari,Atul Bhatkhalakar and Vinod Tawade are opposing the move citing Ketkar's strong anti-RSS views and RSS bashing rhetoric. Also all three has apprised Modi of Ketkar's anti-Hindutva credentials. According to BJP sources Narendra Modi has not given any assurance regarding inducting Ketkar in his new team,but Ketkar was at least successfully sent filler in RSS-BJP circle by meeting Modi.

Divya Marathi editor Samar Khadas clarified that Ketkar is not going to be a BJP member,but he wants to contribute in Narendra Modi's nation building project by sharing his own huge experience in journalism and politics.As now Sudhindra Kulkarni has no say in post-Advani BJP,Kumar Ketkar is eyeing the important role in Modi's Media and policy wing.

But Ketkar must have clear many hurdles from Mumbai RSS,who has strong objections for Ketkar. Next Modi-Ketkar meeting is scheduled during Diwali,told Samar Khadas-a Ketkar right hand in Divya Marathi.

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