Is This Love Or a Fraud…

Hi, My Name is Geeta Chauhan. I stay in Pariwaran complex, saket New delhi. i am going thrugh hard time. three years back i got married with a guy whose name is ganshayam makwana. by occupation he is builder. i met 1st time on malviya nagar, i was searching a flat for rent. after that he was trying to make me fool and propose me that he love me a lot. i rejected his proposal after that his behaviour changed and threated me and was asking to make physical relation.
i complain to police about the same. police arrested him case of harrasement anyhow he said that
he will nt do this and i took mycase,after that his behaviour totally changed. he kept me saying that he loves me a lot,one day he said me that he lives alone said hisd family stay in gujrat said you are also single,we can marry and spend life together happly,i thought he truely love me,i was not known that he wanted to take my property,i told him i cannot marry againts my family.
he said he will go to my hometown (Chattisgarh) he went there and convience my mom that he really wanted to marry with me. i got married on 7th november 2011 at my hometown (Chattisgarh). i came back to delhi and living with his brother's house at malviya nagar. his bother was also supporting him about this fraud. my husband was aware about my property. my flat where i stay, my plot which is in badarpur. he planned everything before marriage. but i was not aware about his farud.
later on i said i dnt feel god staying with your brother's house. i have my own flat we can stay there. he agreed about this. once he was looking very upset i asked the reason he said i am making a building at mahrauli. i spend whole money on that. i took 3500000 rs from market. now they are asking for money. they are gunda type so they can kill him. he said can you help to get out from this situation. when my builing will complete i will give you two bed room flat. i gave 3500000 rs, but i was not aware about this that he wanted to cheat me because i though he is my husband.
after week his behavior tottally changed he started beating me and threating me. one day i went outside for market. when i came back he was not at my home. he pack his clothes and run away. i try to contact him his phone was swithoff. i went to malviya nager where he used to sit. then i totally schoked bceause i came to know that he is married a gut with two children. i went ther to talk he threatin me and slap me.
i inform to the police about this, after that police, my husband wanted to compromise which i agrred. he said he will pay all the money. he sign nottry paper when her will pay all those amounts. later on i realized my propery paer is stolen by him and he dnt want return back. then i decide to complain abot this. i hired a attoreney. the case is going on. but the problem police is not coprating me because husband gave bribe to them. i need your help that police coprate me. i can provide you F.I.R Number-993.
please help me that police support me.
Geeta Chauhan

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