DUJ welcomes Madras High Court Order on New Generation TV journalists

This is perhaps the first time in Indian journalism history that a broadcast media organisation has been forced by a court order from laying off or forcing a pay-cut on employees. In a joint statement of DUJ President Sujata Madhok and General Secretary S.K.Pande said…

“A single judge-bench led by justice KBK Vasuki of the Madras High Court has restrained the Chennai-based media house – New Generation Media Corporation from either retrenching staff or effecting a proposed 50 percent pay cut from January 1st, 2014. The judge issued notices to both the company and the Tamil Nadu government on a petition jointly filed by nearly 80 percent of the employees of the English News division”.

DUJ congratulates the struggling staff and recognizes the significance of this  order. We hope that this could finally start the process of protecting  TV employees of rights denied to them  It expresses solidarity with their counterparts in Delhi also.


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