Anna Hazare Vidya Balan to Share Dias with most Corrupt & Racist FIA in USA

It is very shocking to know that Shri Anna Hazare Ji is going to participate in Donkey Parade organized in the name of India Day Parade by quasi criminals and Thugs posing as self proclaimed Leaders from Gujarati community.  It looks like FIA an organization of Thugs with no vision for India or its culture or traditions is buying legitimacy by bringing Shri Anna Hazare Ji to their annual Donkey Parade. No high achiever self made Indian as well as American practicing high moral and ethical values wants to participate in this parade that is nothing but an insult to India and every Indian around the world.

As per IRS form 990 filed by FIA in 2011 the Donkey Parade cost them $357,000. For 2012 Form 990 is not available or has yet to be filed by FIA. Surprisingly the Sikh Day Parade that has the practically same number of floats made by the same vendor and same number as well as same marching Bands, cost only $85,000. The Sikh Day Parade is more organized with the right message and more than plenty free food, water and snacks for Indians as well as locals. If one closely look at the Form 990; FIA executives has spent $25,479 on Reception & Banquet and $25,865 for Video coverage, flowers, trophies, Badge & sashes for them selves, their friends & sponsors. Another $89,635 was spent on occupancy and travel, $10,967 on conference and meetings by FIA. A whopping $49,043 is paid to scantily clad performers to do vulgar Bollywood numbers; who really love India! Only Ramesh Patel or his lunatic supporters can explain what is occupancy and why they need to plunder public funds on their own comforts and image building.
India Day Parade by FIA in New York and OTIBA & IBA in New Jersey is nothing but a vulgar Bollywood Parade organized by self proclaimed Leaders of Gujarati Samaj for themselves, their sponsors and supporters. It has become a mindless affair for local politicians & Photo Hungry Desi (PHD) Gujju Leaders posing as Indian Community Leaders along with their supporters who can not be paraded for any cause any where in the world including the famous Pushkar Mela of Rajasthan in India for animals. Most pathetic is dominance of Bollywood Star as Grand Marshal supported by office bearers of FIA, OTIBA & IBA with doubtful integrity, who are stealing from community organizations and selling its honor & dignity. Every year chaos reigned right at the beginning of the parade with hordes of badge and sash wearing Gujarati Office Bearers, their Sponsors and friends breaking the cordons to be near the Bollywood Star the so called Grand Marshal for the Parade. All that the parade viewers on the sidelines could see is an unruly mass of organizers, sponsors & their friends behaving like animals rolling down the avenue along with meaningless floats.

My sincere thanks to CG Dnyaneshwar Mulay; like a beacon of hope who called for transparency, accountability, full financial disclosures and representation of all faiths and states of India in FIA. According to Editorial by Prof. Saluja in The Indian Panorama, "CG Mulay advised FIA leadership to ensure women representation in Leadership position as women represent "Shakti" in Indian culture. Mulay also advised FIA to high light India's economic growth as part of their India Day Parade celebrations". Mr. Ramesh Patel and other FIA officials ridiculed CG Mulay and made out of context stupid remarks. CG Mulay’s predecessor for reasons best known to them never criticized FIA; especially CG Prabhu Dayal who was publicly humiliated in 2009 and was put on a float with an absconding criminal Nirav Mehta from India to lead the Donkey Parade as FIA President in 2010.

Recently FIA Chairman reception committee Sarvesh Dharyan of New Jersey was arrested by US Justice Dept. on 7-17-13 for Money Laundering, Bribery, Kickbacks, honest services fraud and Travel Act violations. Only the Travel Act violation attracts max. 5yrs prison rest all other crimes; each attracts max. 20yrs prison.
It is my strong opinion as well as the opinion of so many honest individuals of Indian community in New York & New Jersey that Anna Ji will ruin his public image as a fighter against corruption by joining the most corrupt and racist Indian organization FIA in America. We make a humble request to Shri Anna Hazare Ji not to attend any India Day Parade in America that is nothing but Insult to India by quasi criminals with no vision for India and respect for diversity and its rich culture and traditions.

Respectfully submitted,

Dave Makkar 

973 760 6006 C 973 416 1600 W

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