एक अप्रैल से मुंबई प्रेस क्लब में खाना-पीना हुआ मंहगा

अभी तक मुंबई प्रेस क्लब द्वारा सदस्यों से कार्ड स्वाईप पेमेण्ट के लिए तीन पर्सेंट अतिरिक्त शुल्क वसूला जा रहा था। आरोप था कि मुंबई प्रेस क्लब अपने सदस्यों को ही लूट रहा है। लेकिन अब मुंबई प्रेस क्लब क्रेडिट/ डेबिट कार्ड लेनदेन पर लगाए जाने वाले 3 प्रतिशत अतिरिक्त शुल्क की वसूली सदस्यों से नहीं करेगा। एक अप्रैल से इस प्रकार लेनदेन पर लगने वाले अतिरिक्त शुल्क को क्लब द्वारा वहन किया जाएगा। इसके साथ ही सरकारी निर्देशों के अनुरूप सभी सदस्यों से फूड आइटम्स पर वैट औऱ सेवा शुल्क वसूला जाएगा। प्रेस स्लब के सचिव ने सदस्यों को सूचित किया है कि पिछले दो सालों से कैंटान के रेट्स में कोई बढ़ोत्तरी नहीं हुई है। केटरर का कहना है कि इस दौरान खाद्य पदार्थों के दाम बहुत बढ़ गए हैं। अतः अन्य कोई विकल्प न होने के चलते कैंटीन रेट्स में थोड़ी बढ़ोत्तरी की जा रही है।

                                               NOTICE ON SERVICE TAX

Dear Members,
                            As you may be aware that the Union government has imposed service tax on all the services except those which are in the negative list with effect from July 1, 2012. Accordingly club started charging service tax at applicable rates on all services of the club such as membership fee, bar sales, guest fee, entry fee, conference room hire, media centre. Now, on instructions from the government authorities, it has been decided to levy VAT and service charges on food items effectively from April 1, 2014.

At the same time, to make the service seamless and efficient, the managing committee has now decided to consolidate the bar and canteen bills with effect from April 1 so that members can pay the total bill at one point by cash, cheque or credit card. This will save lot of time on billing and payment.

To compensate the impact of the new service tax, the managing committee has decided to waive off the 3% extra charges levied on credit / debit card transaction which would be now borne by the club.

On bar and canteen billings, the service tax of 12.36% is imposed on 40% of the gross billed amount excluding value added tax as  per Rule 2C of Service Tax (Determination of Value) Rules 2006 and thus making an effective tax rate  of 4.94%.

The caterer has also brought it to our notice that canteen rates have not been increased for over last two years despite a constant rise in raw materials. Hence it has been decided to increase the canteen rates marginally to compensate for the high inflation.

These steps are being taken with a heavy heart as we are aware that F&B and other services will become more expensive. Unfortunately, there is no alternative.

We look forward, as always, for your support and cooperation.

Yours truly,

Rajesh Mascarenhas
Press Club Mumbai
March 31, 2014


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