Oppen letter to Dear Narendra modi

Dear Mr. Narendra Modi, It is normal to address as ‘Dear’, though because of your acts of commission and omission in public life, you are not exactly dear to me. However, because I attach utmost importance to human life, and do not compare it with cat and kitten, therefore, despite being strongly opposed to your politics of hate, your life is also dear to me!

The ideology of hate propagated by you and your party is apparent to anyone who is not blinded by hate. The intemperate language used by you reflects lack of civility. To serve your hidden agenda of making India a fascist state, you use the cover of Hindu religion. The ideals, values and teachings of Sri Ram do not interest you. The most cherished human values of Love and Sacrifice, which are integral to every religion, are alien to you.

Have you ever thought about the following quotes?


It seems that you are not at all concerned with the values represented by these quotes. You claim to be a devotee of Sri Ram but your practices are opposite to his preaching and life. Your actions reflect extreme arrogance and highly bloated ego. Instead of helping forces of peace and inclusive growth for our society, your actions have caused strife and bloodshed and brought misery to the disadvantaged sections, especially Muslims affected by 2002 Gujarat riots.

Your actions continue to increase the gulf between different sections of Indian people. You use religion to achieve power and position for your party and yourself. With the help of money and power, you buy the loyalty of the selfish people belonging to other religious denominations and make a show of it to project yourself as the leader of all people, whereas in reality you serve only your personal vested interests and those of the fascist forces.

Faisal khan

National Alliance of People's Movement

Khudai Khidmatgar

New Delhi




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