: GRAND ANNOUNCEMENT OF ASSOCIATION WITH CELEB PLAYERS : Mumbai: For a majority of Indians, Cricket is not just the most popular sport, but also a religion. Next is the Media and Entertainment industry, which has taken the nation by storm. In line with its ambitious plans the ‘Pearls group’ has secured a license to air P7 news. Mr. Waahiid Ali Khan on behalf of P7 news channel declared that P7 News Channel will be sponsoring Reitesh Deshmukh’s  ‘Veer Marathi’ team, in the 4th season of CCL 2014.

With diversified business interests across hugely potential industries, the Pearls Group of Companies will be sponsoring Reitesh Deshmukh’s  ‘Veer Marathi’ team headed by actor himself at the 4th season of CCL. Mr. Waahiid Ali Khan, representing the Pearls Group, said “P7 is a  pan-India channel and CCL offers a unique opportunity to reach out to the audiences across the country. We look for a successful and mutually rewarding association supporting the sports initiatives.”

The celeb players of the ‘Veer Marathi’ team will be seen donning T-shirts with the P7 channel’s logo on it for all respective matches they are scheduled to play.

Reitesh Deshmukh and Waahiid Ali Khan
Reitesh Deshmukh and Waahiid Ali Khan

About Pearls Group: The forerunner to the Pearls Group of companies commenced operations in India in 1983 under the guidance of Nirmal Singh Bhangoo. Over the past three decades it has grown to become one of the subcontinent’s largest landowners and certainly one of its most diversified groups with its international operations in Australia.

About P7 News: Pearls Broadcasting Corporation Limited, the Channel P7 News with a punch line – Sach Zaruri Hai, as the name "Pearls" speaks of a precious jewel that contains all the glory of an ornament that one can expect, the PEARLS also delivers the high potency to quench the quest to keep the audience/viewers loyalty, to catch the flipping viewers attention & distinguishly stand out with the clutter of various news channels available in the market today, "P7 News – Sach Zaruri Hai – a 24 hours Hindi News Channel" has been positioned to cater to the viewer ship to the entire country with a special focus on key Hindi speaking States in the Hindi speaking belt. Our endeavor is not only to create a unique identity, but also to project it in the right manner and finally, to sustain it.

PEARLS BROADCASTING CORPORATION LIMITED ushered with a bang in the entertainment and media world in November, 2008, with its vision to encompass all the aspects of good media and conceptualising. The company has come with electronic channel P7 News: Sach Zaruri Hai having its corporate office in Noida, Utter Pradesh. The company is enriched by the able and experienced hands in the Board.

This visionary channel is now taking birth to meet the demand of general masses of news and entertainment and will be available for its viewers in India as well as internationally as national hindi news channel.


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