Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing this mail on behalf of my mother i have opened account in her name and sending this mail as she is not literate she is nearly 60 years old and cannot write and has already went two major operatoins in last 3 years and branch is playing literally with us.

I am very sorry to say this that such reputed bank like "State Bank Hyderabad" is providing pathetic services. Reason being I have opened a saving account in August 2013 and till date i have not received my debit card instead me going to branch for more than 15 times and every time i get only one message from Bank that card is returned and lying in "Gujarat" on receipt of same will give it to you for this i have to enquire with branch weekly once. Do they think i do not have other work only to visit branch. We open account to make our life easy and these people are making customers life hell.
Got fedup of this and went to Chief manager of branch she gave me delivery status and consignment number and asked me to checkup with "Speedpost" in this month. When I checked in site it throws message " Data not available for before 3 months consigenment number".
And again last week i went to branch to enquire if the card is recevied and again i get the same reponse not received and i ask where is it lying, whom to approach and why the card is in gujarat when i have opened the account in SBH Hyderabad and what is solution, for this i only get one response from the Bank "we don't know" in arrogant manner as if they are doing a big free favour to us. I told them that I would take up the matter with higher up's for the kind of reponse and service your are giving, for this they are saying "do what ever you want we are least bothered" and asked to give their names and desgination but they are not ready to give the details.
The officers and chief manager they do not know how to speak to cumstomers, they dont understand customer problems and never bothered to attend customers, they are not customer friendly but they are ready to speak to their relatives who visits branch for hours discussing stupid stories providing them AC, Tea snacks and customers are made to stand and wait fpr hours when we say please listen to our problem, they say can't you see I am busy. What is happening to the Banks these days i dont understand are they coming to office to work or just enjoy pass their time.
I request you to throw light on the issue and please provide the debit card at the earliest. Also want to know the action taken against these branch.

card number is: 4591 7200 0360 1408

Brach details : SBH mylargadda, warsiguda, near sridevi nursing home Hyderbad AP.

Jagjeet Singh on behalf of harjeet kaur

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