I feel there is some foul play in the recruitment process

Hi All, Firstly sorry for spaming your mail box, but I couldn't get the exact method to raise my voice against this corrupt department and government.  My concern is that UP Power Corporation Limited organised AE(Electrical) recruitment and allowed all "Electrical Engineering" and "Electrical and Electronics Engineering" students(as nothing was mentioned in advertisement about the branch exclusion).

Now today after one month of online examination they published result and Electrical and Electronics branch has been rejetced from selection process.  As per the article in The hindu (published in Oct 2012) and order of Supreme Court both the branches should be treated equivalent but UPPCL didnt followed this. Even at any stage of recruitment they never intimated the students and we even uploaded scanned copy of our degree while applying for the post. They didnt said anything then.

Now I feel there is some foul play in the recruitment process and hence want your support and advice on this. Please let me know how can I send my voice to CM and then get all this checked.Your support is very much needed.

ankit srivastava

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