AAP popularity in Varanasi has increased: Prof Anand Kumar

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New Delhi, March 26, 2014: Aam Aadmi Party is getting historic support from Delhi to Varanasi and the wave is likely to sweep the country, said Prof Anand Kumar, senior AAP leader and party’s candidate for North East Delhi Parliamentary constituency. Prof Kumar returned to Delhi after addressing a rally in Varanasi along with AAP convenor Shri Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday.

“The rally showed AAP’s soaring popularity in Varanasi. This wave will help us get more Poorvanchali votes in Delhi as well,” said Prof Kumar whose constituency has majority population of migrants from Eastern UP and Bihar.  “I am from Varanasi and was enthused at the kind of affection shown by people. There is massive support for AAP in this region and this will help us better our tally in Delhi,” added Prof Kumar.
Prof Kumar is a nationally known activist against corruption and crime-politics nexus. He has been active in various social movements of students and youth, teachers, Kisan, women and civil liberties for the last five decades as a follower of Gandhi-Lohia-JP. A gold medalist of BHU and PhD Sociology from University of Chicago, Prof Kumar has been India Chair in Germany, Nehru Fulbright Professor in America and author of influential books about politics and society in India.

Prof Kumar is the co-founder and National Executive Member of AAP. An acclaimed academic, he is also the President of Indian Sociological Society (ISS).

Born in a family of freedom fighters and socialist leaders at Kashi Vidyapeeth and educated at BHU, JNU and Chicago, he is known for a rare distinction of being the only person who has been president of students unions of two central universities (BHU and JNU in 1970s) and later elected to teachers associations of the same universities in 1990s. He is founder convener of Lok Shakti Abhiyan and chief editor of Lok Shakti Sandesh to promote participatory democracy as the answer to increasing role of money power and mafia in our political system and was an active supporter of the IAC mobilization for Jan Lokpal.

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