“Puja threatened us that register our house and all other property on my name otherwise I will take poison”

Hello sir/madam,I am Pushpa Sharma R/O 13/454, Preet Vihar, Bulandshahr, (U.P.) aged 65 years and my husband is 70 years old. My only son named Rahul Sharma married Puja Sharma D/O Satya Prakash Sharma, village Bailon, Narora (U.P.) on 27th November, 2009. After 15 days of marriage, Puja threatened us that register our house and all other property on my name otherwise I will take poison and you all will be in jail in dowry case. At that time we were helpless as our nation law supports girls whether they are right or wrong. We tried to talk to her family as well but they were also supporting her only.

After some time, we came to know through call details that she had illegal relationships with her cousin brother Sachin Sharma R/O Shahdara, Delhi. But we didn't tell this thing to anyone as we were concerned about our prestige in society. Then she demanded that she wants to live in Delhi permanently with her husband where my son was living without any other family member. Though we were in doubt she will continue her relationships with her cousin brother, we were forced to send her to VinodNagar, Mayur Vihar, Phase 2, Delhi with my son in July 2012.

After going Delhi she continued her relationships with her cousin and demand for the property. My son objected on these things, so I doubt that one day she made a conspiracy against my son and with her lover and family , she murdered my son in a road accident on March 9, 2013. We suspected that this is a murder and we tried to file FIR against this in Vijay Nagar, Ghaziabad (U.P.) where the accident happened but police did not listen us and did not file any complaint/ FIR.

She was not with us in Bulandshahr even for 13 days after her husband death and went to her mother country in Bailon. Puja's family looted all the things including 1 lac cash from Delhi house without our knowledge and information. Due to the shock of my son's death, I was hospitalized in Sikandrabad, Bulandshahr (U.P.) and my husband was looking after me there. Making this as an opportunity, Puja and her family, met police in Bulanshahr and broke locks of our house in Bulandshahr in the presence of police and she entered in our house in our absence.

We are senior citizens, when we came to know about this we went to Police station in Bulandshahr, but there SHO abused us and sent us back without any action against them. Our country law is always with girls and nobody is trying to feel our pain and it has become a curse for us to become the parents of a son. We don't know what should we do now as police also is not listening us, we are completely helpless.

We have the last hope from you that you will help and support us to get us justice otherwise we have no other way than to commit suicide. We believe that you will definitely help us to get justice soon in this matter. Nobody is listening us and we are not getting any help from Bulandshahr police also. I've used my daughter's mail id as I don't have any email id.
Thanks a lot in advance,

Pushpa Sharma

13/454, Preet Vihar,
Bulandshahr (U.P.)

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