“I refused Funds to Ruling Party President and the DM”

Dr Raj Kumar Dube is a Ph D in Mathematics and a Fellow of CAMET, a Course in Mathematics conducted by a British Institution. He is a member of the Provincial Education Service in Uttar Pradesh. Presently he is posted as the Principal of District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Baraut, District- Baghpat.

I have met him only twice and possibly had telephonic conversations a couple of times but even in these two meetings, he has made formidable impression upon me. A bearded elderly person, with white beard all over his face, along with a semi-bald head, Dr Dube is quite different from most of the other government servants. While most of the other government servants think a number of times before speaking anything, Dr Dube won’t think twice before opening up his mind.

When Dr Dube speaks with facts and figures, it really seems to make sense. He has got suspended in his Service once but he got reinstated by the Allahabad High Court in the Writ Petition he filed there. In addition, the High Court positioned him at the same place at which he was suspended.

He has been waging a single-handed battle against corruption at Baghpat where a large number of Education Mafias got Candidates admitted in DIET, Badaut through fraudulent Educational degrees. He has personally registered two FIRs against 76 Dr. Rajkumar Dubesuch Candidates and 6 facilitators. He says that he got suspended because of this battle where the High Court, Allahabad came to his rescue and got his reinstated.

The FIR he got registered at Police Station Badaut has now been transferred to CB-CID where he still pursues the matter with full zeal, despite all kinds of odds and fear of personal harm. In Writ petition No. 18498/2011 (District Baghpat) preferred by accused Sachin Rana and others against the FIR lodged by Dr. Raj Kumar Dubey at case crime No. 238 of 2011, under sections 420, 468, 471 IPC, PS Baraut, district Baghpat, Allahabad High Court said- "This case relates to the scam of obtaining fake mark sheets from the Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal, Bhopal and the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi for the purpose of getting admission in B.T.C. courses for securing government jobs of primary school teachers."

It also said- “Now, this tendency of securing admissions or jobs to different colleges or employments on the basis of forged mark sheets and certificates has assumed cancerous proportions. With impunity dishonest persons obtain forged mark sheets and certificates and we are being led to the irresistible conclusion that now procuring forged mark sheets and securing admission to BTC courses on that basis for obtaining teaching or other jobs is being treated as a completely legitimate and normal activity. Looking to the magnitude of the problem this is an extremely shocking state of affairs.”

Allahabad High Court directed this case to be transferred to CB-CID. This case is the result of a single hand effort of Dr Raj Kumar Dube, who faced all kinds of adversities but kept pursuing his goal.

Dr. Rajkumar Dube

Dr. Rajkumar Dube with IPS officer Amitabh and Social Activist Nutan Thakur.

Dr Dube has been facing all kinds of hardships in the process. Among other problems, he faced FIRs by a RTI and social activist supported by no less a person than Sri Arvind Kejriwal and Ms Kiran Bedi who personally went to Baghpat to support this so-called RTI activist and gave evidence in his favour. Dr Dube wrote to both asking them to listen to his facts and said in his letter- "If you are a true nationalist, kindly listen to me also and then take sides with a person who is a part of scam." He says in another letter- “I give open challenge to Sri Arvind Kejriwal and Ms Kiran Bedi that if they listen to my side of the story, they will start feeling ashamed of openly assisting a Bad character.

I am no less nationalist than them. If they are International Social activists, I am also an internationally recognized mathematician. How can they try to denigrate me without knowing the full facts?”  He never got a reply from either Sri Arvind Kejriwal or Ms Kiran Bedi, who had once again recently gone to support this “social activist” from Baghpat.

When Dr Dube came to our house today at Lucknow, he told me an interesting story. He said that once he was asked to pay Rs. 25,000 to the District President of the ruling party for a particular occasion, which he refused straight away. When the party President complained to the District Magistrate, instead of refusing to interfere in the matter, the DM asked Dr Dube about this, saying that he shall cooperate with the Party President. Dr Dube not only refused once again to the DM, he also immediately wrote to a very senior officer in Government about the entire event, taking the DM's name.

Today, Dr Dube is the man responsible for unraveling the big scam of obtaining fake mark sheets from the Madhyamik Shiksha Mandal, Bhopal and the Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, Varanasi for the purpose of getting admission in B.T.C. courses for securing government jobs of primary school teachers.  Certainly a great man! I have rarely found a man of his character in the setup I work. We need to appreciate all such people who are true gems of our society.

Amitabh, IPS officer from Uttar Pradesh

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