Reflex Rejection of allegations by united politicians not shocking!!

Mumbai : After disclosure of the Income Tax Assessment Order by Deputy Commissioner – Kolhapur, the assessor Irrigation Contractor, Mahalakshmi Infraprojects Pvt. Ltd, (MIL) with details of speed money paid to the politicians- bureaucrats in the case of Ghodziri Branch Canal of Gosikhurd Project, Vidarbha, there was a ‘reflex rejection’ of the accusation by Ajit Pawar, the Irrigation Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, Mr. Munde, the BJP leaders as well as Mr. Sunil Deshmukh, former Congress Minister. The bureaucrats, some of whom are even named, however kept mum. All this is as expected. 

No Scam/ Scandal, even a small bribe ever admitted by the politicians-bureacrats till they are booked. What is surprising is that none of the four took any time to look into the documents produced by us, which are those of IT department. Have the eladers commented without taking any charge and documentary proof seriously or do they have full knowledge of the IT Assessment Orders which they have decided to refute? A four line superficial comments by these politicians across party lines, speaks a lot about their ‘confidence’ with no ‘concern’ but callousness about massive corruption!

After all exposure of Irrigation Scam/s and also CAG’s scanner – Reports of 2011 and 2012 which analysed projects including Ghodziri/Gosikhurd and criticised illegalities and irregularities including cost overruns, bringing out much scandalous situation with regard to Water Projects, does Ajit Pawar have courage to say that contractors don’t pay politicians, don’t bribe bureaucrats in decisive positions and these is no ‘Seed Money’ routed in the sector he is supposed to be leading as ‘Dada’?

It’s also revealing that neither the BJP which is raising hue and cry about Irrigation Scam as a whole, demanding enquiry is sharing any interest in getting this particular “assessment” investigated nor the congress CM who has tried to play neutral and promote enquiries! The SIT, under the chairman Mr. Madhav Chitale, everyone by now knows can’t dig out and investigate the financial burgling and deals, given its limited TOR and restricted modus operandi. Income Tax department itself could but did not forward the case to either CVC or CBI. In such a situation, we can’t but demand an impartial enquiry through Commission to be appointed under 1952 Act, with an eminent former judge known for his/her integrity.

NAPM appeals to all who are against such massive fraud and betrayal of people, especially the drought – affected, dam and canal affected and those deprived of benefits since the benefits to profit is grabbed by the nexus of politicians, bureaucrats and contractors. The rotten system needs to be overhauled. The list of top to bottom employees of Krishna Valley Development Corporation, Vidarbha Irrigation Development Corporation is such that for any serious change to occur, the Irrigation department of the state and the corporation need to be fully revamped by accepting en-bloc resignation!! (प्रेस रिलीज)

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