Resolution in favour of the Civil and Democratic rights of North-East People

: Resolution adopted by All India Peoples Front at Jantar-Mantar, on Feb 15, 2014 during AIPF National Convenor  Akhilendra Pratap Singh`s 10-day long fast for Rule of Law, Justice as well as Safety and security of the people and other pro-people issues : We strongly condemn yesterday`s brutal lathicharge on the north-east youth demanding justice against racist assaults in National Capital. We are  extremely shocked  to witness that fatal racist assaults on the life and dignity of  our north-east compatriots, brothers and  sisters continue unabated.

We condemn in the strongest possible  terms at our command, the  insensitivity and abject failure of the government in fulfilling its constitutional responsibility to defend its citizens, the people from north-east residing in the national capital. In this regard we welcome Delhi High Court verdict on Arunanchal  Pradesh resident  Nido Tania`s murder and frequent attacks on north-east people in Delhi instructing the government to take every necessary step to protect them.

We express our fullest solidarity with your struggle for justice and convey our heart-felt condolences to the bereaved family of Nido Tania in this hour of grief. We firmly believe that every Indian, be it from Hindi-Urdu speaking area, from south, central, north-east or Kashmir, he/she has every right to live with dignity. Any act or administrative action which is against this Fundamental right in the Constitution, is undemocratic. The attacks on north-east people in Delhi are extremely painful and in order to stop them, it is necessary that in north-east, too, citizen`s rights and dignity is respected and restored. It is noteworthy that violation of the democratic rights and brutal repression has continued unabated in entire north-east including Manipur and Nagaland. It is for the democratic rights of the people that Erom Sharmila  is sitting on fast for the last 12 years.

By the so-called democratic governments, be they in centre or states, the inhuman treatment towards them continues. It is shameful in a civilized society. We urge the central government that if it is really serious in creating consciousness for the protection of life and dignity of north-east people living in Delhi, including those from Manipur, Arunanchal and Nagaland, then it must restore the democratic rights of the north-east people, stop the atrocities by military and paramilitary forces on the civilian population in the entire north-east region under black laws and take initiative for respectful termination of Erom Sharmila`s fast.

Dear Brothers and Sisters of North-East, We want to assure you that in your battle for dignity, justice and equality against racism as well as civil and democratic rights against state repression, you are not alone. We firmly stand with you in this moment of grief and crisis. And fighting together, shoulder to shoulder, we will ultimately be able to make India a really democratic and inclusive society and nation where every Indian will be able to live with dignity and equal rights irrespective of race, religion, caste or creed.

Let the peoples power be victorious!

Long live North-East  People`s battle for Dignity, Democracy and  Development!!


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