I " The Woman”, who is modern, who’z not modern, who’z educated and uneducated, who loves, who cares, who respects, who forgive, who live, who die, who eat and make others eat food, is pretty and not so pretty have no value today in our society. I can wear short skirts, and I have to wear Burqa, I can drink Vodka but at times I have to take poison too, By ma wish I can sleep with my boyfriend, but I get fucked by my husband, my brother-in-law, my father, my father in law and so on……What should I do? Shall I sleep, shall I close my eyes to ignore this or Shall I raise my voice to protest this. Because if I will raise my voice then no wonder some fuckers might come to fuck me – so called “GANG RAPE”.

I am shocked for the brutal act which has happened with this girl who is struggling for her life on ventilator in safdarjung hospital. On the way to office today, I saw so many OB vans to cover the story – I was happy to see that the media is creating awareness about such issue but at the same time the second thought was that nothing is going to happen, no one can bring that love, respect, strength to the victim. I am praying for the girl for her survival. This is one case which we know , because it’s in the news, but there are so many such cases in villages which keeps happening every day, but no one takes a step to cover their story. Guys my boss has gone to Iran, and before leaving we just had a random discussion, when he told me that there Men are supposed to wear full sleeve T-shirts or coat whatever and Females are supposed to cover everything except eyes. But my thought to this was – will this step help in stopping Rape cases – population increase?? But at the same time I was happy because the step has been taken for both Men and Women coz both have to respect the govt. laws. The only question which is striking ma mind is that – Is our society so Lusty that we need so many laws to protect woman. If yes then why are we living in modern era, lets go back to the “ Early man” stage and live like animals with no shame………




Ridhi Jain

Business Manager

Case Extraminds Edusocial Ltd.

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