Serious allegations against The Present Director, CBI Mr. Ranjit Sinha.. EX.DG/RPF

Sub:-  Serious allegations against DG/RPF 1. Sh. Ranjit Sinha-an IPS Officer of Bihar Cadre had become friendly to the then C.M of Bihar Sh. Lalu Prasad after helping him in the infamous Bihar fodder scam. Sh. Ranjit used his influence and got appointed his Sarhu Bhai-Sh. M.K.Sinha (MKS)-an IPS Officer of the same Bihar Cadre as DG/RPF on 12.3.2007 through Sh. Prasad when he became Railway Minister. Sh. Ranjit being the ADG of ITBP acted from behind as DG/RPF which is proved from his frequent visits to Railway Board and the then MR’s official residence. After retirement of Sh. M.K.Sinha on 30.6.2008, he unfairly managed to keep the post of DG/RPF vacant for about five months and got himself appointed as DG/RPF on 12.11.2008 when he became eligible for this post getting ousted Sh. R.K.Mathur-IPS of M.P.Cadre, the then ADG/RPF looking after the work of DG/RPF.

1.1.   Hence, just after taking over the charge of DG/RPF Sh. Ranjit Sinha proceeded ahead on wrong path by protecting/rewarding the then CSC/RPF/CR Sh. Sidhu and his like-minded ASCs, Inspectors/RPF and their yes men of Mumbai in particular and other divisions of CR in general despite knowing about their direct involvement in different kinds of crime against railway consumers/passengers and railway property. This DG/RPF also extended his whole-hearted support and protection to those Superior Officers, Inspectors and other members of the Force who had got prize posting by bribing him or his predecessor (MKS) despite their involvement in crime to earn more and more. Undue protection to S/Sh. R.S.Singh, the then IPF/Shakurbasti/RPF-Post in oil theft case, A.K.Tiwari, the then IPF/CIB/Dhanbad and now at Mughalsarai, his elder brother Sanjai Tiwari (IPF) and his bother in-law Mr. Chaubey(IPF) of Eastern Railway, Sanjay Singh/IPF-Mumbai/CR, Arvind Yadav/IPF/ Mumbai (now in NFR) Sansare/IPF/Mumbai/CR, Kiratkar/IPF/Mumbai/CR and several others, by this DG/RPF, is discussed amongst the RPF/RPSF-men.

2.          Sh. Ranjit Sinha, DG/RPF unsuccessfully tried his best to justify the orders of ‘own request transfer’ of about 30 Inspectors of RPF/RPSF most of which were issued in violation of rule 99.2 of RPF Rules 1987 and Para 17(B)(c) of the Standing Order(SO) No. 70 dated 27.9.2004 by his predecessor, Sh. M.K. Sinha on the day of his retirement i.e. 30.6.2008 reportedly by taking bribe of Rs. three to five lacs from each through his broker A.K.Tiwari at present working as IPF/CIB Mughalsarai and when a favourable counter  affidavit to the W.P. No. 4476/2007 was not submitted in the Hon’be High Court of Delhi by the Sr. DSC/Delhi Sh. Rattan Chand, the DG/RPF got SI/RPF T.S.Dagar detached from his Board’s Office, suspended and a major penalty charge-sheet issued against him for not drafting the said affidavit in support of the said illegal transfer orders. As per rules 32.1.1 and 32.1.2 (i) of the RPF Rules, 1987 it is the duty of the DG/RPF to direct his CSC-cum IG/Admn; Railway Board to get looked after the legal matters.

2.1.     The Hon’ble High Court of Delhi vide its judgment dated 22.10.2008, found the orders of own request transfer of Inspectors of RPF/RPSF to Northern Railway and other zones violative of rule 99.2 of the RPF Rules 1987 and Para 17(B)(c) of the Standing Order No. 70 dated 27.9.2004 and quashed the challenged orders of transfer of 14 Inspectors. The DG/RPF should have repatriated all the Inspectors  as they were illegally transferred but he did not do so by taking huge amount of bribe and repatriated only 14 Inspectors whose transfer to Northern Railway was challenged in and quashed by the Court.

2.2.     Sh. Ranjit Sinha, DG/RPF vide his letters dated 27.3.2009 and 30.3.2009 again brought back on transfer to NR Sh. A.K. Tiwari, IPF from ECR and Sh. A.P. Mathur, IPF from NCR in utter disregard to the aforesaid judgment for which he was held guilty of contempt of Court and fined Rs.5000/-.A Constable of RPF of NR named Sh. Hansraj who was fined Rs.3000/- by a lower Court of Haryana was dismissed from service by Sr.DSC/RPF/ Lucknow/NR but the DG/RPF has not yet been dismissed from service.

2.3.     Sh. Ranjit Sinha, DG/RPF brought back five Inspectors out of 14 repatriated ones  on deputation to Railway Board so that they may not make hue and cry for the bribe they had already given to his predecessor for their transfer to NR.  

3.          This DG/RPF frequently issued orders of premature transfer and posting of a good number of Superior Officers in and out of the Zone in violation of rule 91.1 and 92.1 of the RPF Rules, 1987 by taking handsome amount of bribe from most of them. Names of the obliged Superior Officers may be obtained from the Security Directorate/Railway Board.

3.1      For example: IPF/ER M.K.Thakur on his promotion as a Jr. Scale officer, was transferred and posted as ASC/ Jaipur/ NWR vide Railway Board’s letter dated 17th  January 2008. Before he resumed duty at Jaipur, the order was modified posting him as AC/4th Bn./RPSF vide Board’s letter dated 22.01.2008. Before he joined duty at 4th Bn./RPSF, he was transferred and posted as an ASC/Metro Railway/Kolkata vide Board’s letter dated 04.4.2008 where he joined duty on 09.4.2008. Again he was transferred from Metro Railway to Andal/ER vide Board’s letter dated 26.6.2009 and on being released from M. Railway he joined at Andal on 13.10.2009.He has been transferred from Andal to ECR-HQ on his own request vide Board’s letter dated 01.10.2010.  

3.2.     After repatriation of the infamous and most corrupt IG/RPF/ CR, Sh. B.S. Sidhu, this DG/RPF recommended and got orders passed by the Railway Board for Mr. Dhaka, DIG to work in place of IG reportedly, by taking bribe of Rs.50 lakhs at a time which excludes the monthly share of ill-gotten money from the IPFs of CR leaving several IGs dumped at unimportant places.  In lieu of this reward Sh. Dhaka has also been protecting the undue interests of the Inspectors/RPF of Mumbai who were considered notorious during Sidhu’s regime.  An honest IG should immediately be posted in each of the two Zones WR and CR Head Quartered in Mumbai.

3.3.     Sh. A.N. Jha, DSC/RPF was transferred to Bhusawal/CR from Samastipur/ECR reportedly, with a charge-sheet issued to him on the complaint of Sh. P.K. Ojha the then President of AIRPFA/ECR that the DSC had used corrupt practices in the selection of ASI from Constables and Head Constables under rule 72 of the RPF Rules, 1987, was found true. However, this DG/RPF unjustifiably promoted Mr. Jha to the rank of Sr. DSC/RPF reportedly, by taking huge amount of bribe and transferred him from Bhusaval to Katihar on completion of his tenure where he disliked going.

3.4. The DG/RPF further acceded to Mr. A.N.Jha’s request and posted him to Varanasi/NER when the later made a commitment to impose major penalty of compulsory retirement upon Sh. D.C. Pandey, Ct./Bhusawal  for sympathizing  Mr. P.N.Giri/HC as he while convelescing from bullet injuries inflited by terrorist at CST, was suspended for uttering the truth in  a ‘sting operation’ performed on him  that neither IPF/ Kiratkar nor SI/Bhosle of CST fired upon the terrorists.  His utterance is proved to be correct when the firings shown to have resorted to by RPF personnel on 26.11.2008 vide the citations issued by the then CSC/RPF/CR could neither be corroborated by any substantial evidence nor by the statements of theirs and other PWs before the Spl. Judge trialing the 26/11 case.  The order of Sh. Pandey’s compulsory retirement was based on the false charge that he as Divisional Secretary of Mumbai Division alongwith others detained Train No. 1019 Dn. Ex CST to Bhuvneshwar on 05.01.2010 at CST Railway Station whereas Sh. Tukaram Chavan-IPS, Police Commissioner, GRP/Mumbai vide his report dated 16.01.2010 found the operating and commercial departments of CST responsible for the detention of the train. Joining his duty at Varanasi Mr. Jha also avenged his grudge by ordering re-enquiry into the major penalty charge in which Sh. P.K. Ojha was found not guilty vide the report of the E.O. submitted to Sr. DSC, Varanasi. For the afore-said corrupt activities, DG/RPF should be charge-sheeted. Also Mr. Jha deserves to be proceeded against, reverted and transferred to a place where there is no mass dealing and D.C. Pandey reinstated in service.

3.5.     The DG/RPF also compelled the Sr. DSC/Mumbai/CR Mr.P.C. Sinha and got through him Sh. B.K.Nikhare, Constable and Vice President/ AIRPFA/CR/ Mumbai compulsorily retired from service for one and the same false charge Sh. D.C.Pandey was compulsorily retired ignoring the Police Commissioners report dated 16.01.2010.

3.6.     Thereafter, the DG/RPF got the closed minor penalty Charge-sheet against SI/R.N.Rai, Genl. Secretary/AIRPFA/WR reviewed and converted into major penalty charge-sheet through the then CSC/RPF/WR Sh. Lalit Kumar (Rtd.) with ulterior motive to unconstitutionally stifle the voice of the Association.

3.7.     The DG/RPF unduly favoured Sh. Mahim Swamy/DIG by posting him as CSC/WCR, Jabalpur and retaining him there even after his promotion to the rank of IG despite several complaints of his indulgence in corruption and undue favour to some Inspectors of his caste who have brutally beaten and publicly abused in the name of mother and sister several RPF-men- namely- Bipin Kumar, SIPF/Etarsi-RPF-Post, Ravindra Singh, Constable/Jabalpur-RPF-Post, Sh.Naresh Kari Kant, Constable/Etarsi/Yard and Ms. Sita Kuril,Lady Constable/JBP and Ms. Sarini Pal, Lady, Constrable/JBP, Sh.Naresh Patel, Ct/JBP-RPF-Post, She. Deep Chand Yadav/ASI/Sr. DSC/Office/JBP to terrorise the RPF-men in general of WCR.  Sh. Swami got the tenure of Sr. DSC/JBP Sh. S. Shandilya extended and DSC/BPL Sh.A.K. Agnihotri unduly protected and did not report against them for taking bribe from the members of the Force for not taking disciplinary action against them on the arranged complaints. About 22 members who reportedly refused to yield, have been removed from service and those who politely ignored and did not pay bribe have been punished with reversion or stoppage of increment(s). Sh. Kailash Mishra, General Secretary of AIRPFA/WCR who opposed taking of illegal gratification by superior officers in transfer/ posting etc; of the members of the Force and also in the recruitment as Constables of RPF at Etarsi, has been removed from service leveling against him false charges on the basis of an arranged complaint that he demanded money from the Inspectors for Association meeting. On suo-motu enquiry conducted by Railway Vigilance, money taken as bribe was returned/refunded to the constable recruits and on basis the report of Vigilance the recruitment was cancelled.   

 3.8.   The DG/RPF reportedly, by taking Rs. 20 lakhs as bribe and an assurance from Sh. Pranav Kumar, Sr. DSC/KGP to crush the office-bearers of AIRPFA, posted him to Danapur as Sr. DSC by prematurely transferring Sh. Ravinder Verma to Ranchi (Construction).  Accordingly, Sh. Pranav, at the instance of DG/RPF on 10.8.2010, kept standby seven members of the Force of his caste at the gate of his office with instruction to raise anti-RPF Association slogan, beat and shot Sh. Sanjay Singh/IPF, General Secretary/AIRPFA/ECR and other representatives no sooner they came to attend the prefixed meeting with him (Sr.DSC/RPF). Having come to know about the above through the report of SIB/Staff of ECR the CSC/RPF/ECR transferred the aforementioned seven members to other divisions who were reluctantly spared by Sh. Pranav after undue delay that too on repeated pressure.  The CSC/ECR also submitted a report to the DG/RPF to take deterrent action against Sh. Pranav for dividing the Force personnel under him in particular and elsewhere in general on caste-line but the DG/RPF has not yet taken any action against him. Hence, the DG/RPF should be charged. Mr. Pranav has also harassed several members including office-bearers of AIRPFA/ECR by way of premature transfer, unnecessary charge-sheet, punishment and suspension. So, he should also be charged and immediately shifted to some place where there is no mass dealing.

3.9. This DG/RPF refused to cancel the orders of premature transfer of hundreds of Inspectors and some other members of the Force of different Railways approved/issued by him or his predecessor(list may be taken from DG’s office) in violation of rules 93.2, 99.2 of the RPF Rules 1987, S.O. No. 70  and also the Board’s letter No. 86/Sec.(E)/TR-1/1 dated 03.12.2004 which restrained the Superior Officers from  exercising the functions of junior Superior Officers making them ineffective by taking bribe from them through brokers Sh. A.K.Tiwari/ IPF/MGS/ ECR, A. P.Mathur, IPF/ ALD/NCR and Md. Aslam/ Diriver/ Bihar-Police posted at Bihar Niwas but is working as his (DG’s) family driver. For example: this DG/RPF on pressure from Sr.DSC/DNR got transferred through the CSC/ RPF/ECR Sh. Amrendra Singh/Constable and Divisional Secretsary/ Danapur-Divn; and Sh. B.D.Mishra, Constable and Divnl; President/DNR in September, 2010 to Dhanbad-Divn; and  Hajipur HQ respectively in violation of Board’s letter dated 10.7.2009. The DG/RPF in January 2010 got Sh. S.K.Tiwari/ Constable who was earlier transferred on complaint from Dhanbad to Gaya,  prematurely transferred and posted to Up-RPF-Post/MGS on the approach of broker A.K.Tiwari/ IPF/MGS to attract other members to get desired posting through the said broker by paying bribe. One and a half years’ back the DG/RPF himself issued order prematurely transferring Mr. Shakeel Khan, Constable from RPF-Post/Gaya and posting him to RPF-Post(W)/MGS.  Telephonic conversation of these brokers amongst them or with the needy personnel of the Force or with the family members of DG/RPF may substantiate the charge.

3.10. This DG/RPF prematurely transferred Sh. Abhishek Kumar/DSC/RPF and Principal Balsad RPF Training School to Agra/NCR-a sensitive post as Sr.DSC reportedly, after taking bribe of Rs. 40 lacs from him through IPF/A.K.Tiwari (Broker) knowing it well that Sh. Kumar was prematurely transferred to Balsad from Chakradharpur (CKP) on a complaint of illegally amassing huge wealth there. He was  prematurely transferred to CKP from Jabalpur/WCR where he was put in ‘Agreed List’ by the Railway Vigilance after finding the complaint against him true that he used corrupt practices in recruitment of Constables/RPF at Etarsi/WCR.

3.11.          Sh. M.S.Rana, DSC/ RPF/ CKP/SER was prematurely transferred to RPSF 8th Bn; Chittaranjan and Sh. C.B.Singh was offered posting as DSC Chakradharpur/SER by this DG/RPF reportedly, after taking bribe of Rs.20 lacs.

3.12. Sh. Ravindra Verma, Sr.DSC/RPF/ Danapur/ ECR was prematurely shifted to Ranchi (Construction) and Sh. Pranab Kumar was posted at Danapur by taking bribe of Rs. 20 lacs from him although he being the grand son-in law of the prime accused of fodder scam had old acquaintance with this DG/RPF right from the time he as DIG/CBI was one of the members of the CBI team investigating into the fodder scam.

3.13. Sh.P.K.Gupta/Sr. DSC/RPF/Adra/SER was prematurely transferred to post Sh. Sandeep Raghubansi there, reportedly after taking bribe of Rs. 25 lacs from him by this DG/RPF.

4.      In each of the Zonal Railways except  ER(after Dr. Sahu’s posting as IG there) and SR, this DG/RPF has either himself posted or got posted Inspectors who paid Rs. 5 to 10 lacs as bribe through any of the said brokers to about a dozen of important RPF-Posts in each Railway through the concerned CSC. Those Inspectors also meet the undue demands of the DG and his family members made during their tours. During DG’s tour of N.F.R his family members purchased from the market valuables/garments of worth an amount of Rs. two lacs which on being told by them was paid by two Inspectors accompanying them. On 2nd January 2011 while the DG was in Mumbai, valuables of worth Rs. four lacs were gifted by Inspector-RPF-Post/Surat, of Rs. 25,000/- by IPF/LTT, Rs. 50,000 by IPF Kiratkar and handsome amount by other IPFs namely Sh. Arbind Yadav (now posted in NFR) and Sanjay Singh of Mumbai to the wife and daughter of the DG.  If impartial inquiry is caused, in all Railways he toured, offer of such gifts by Inspectors to DG and his family members can be proved. To stop corruption in transfer/Posting a system of rotation transfer/posting from Post to non-Post is required to be implemented very strictly.  

5.      The DG/RPF has himself or through CSCs/Sr.DSCs got prematurely transferred several Office-Bearers of AIRPFA and its Divnl./Zonal Bodies from one Division/Zone to the other with sole intent to weaken the recognized AIRPFA, its Zonal and Divisional Bodies in violation of Railway Board’s letters dated 04.01.2005, 04.6.2006 and Board’s letter 2009/Sec(Spl)/RPF Assoc/ Policy dated 10.7.2009 which protected Office-Bearers against transfer like that of the Office Bearers of recognized Railway Unions. For example: S/Sh.M.P.Chaubey/SI&Office Secretary/AIRPFA/NR to Ambla-Divn; Shiv Praksh/ IPF&President/ Delhi-Divn; to Firozpur-Divn; Rajiv Kumar, Vice-President/Delhi-Divn; and Tarun Kumar/Post-Secretary of  Sr.DSC Reserve Delhi to Muradabad-Divn; B.D Mishra, President and Amarainder Singh, Secretary of Danapur Divn; to Dhanbad Divn;  Ranjit Singh Divisional Secrtetary/Mughalsarai to DNR, A.S.Siddique/IPF/MGS&Divnl.Secy-MGS-Divn. to Danapur as DI, P.K.Ojha/Ct.& President/ECR to SR and then NER, D.C. Pandey/Ct.- Divisional Secretary/ Mumbai Divn; to Bhusawal-Divn; Presidents and Secretaries of  several other Divisions of Indian Railways to elsewhere.  So, the DG/RPF and other erring Superior Officers should be charged and punished.

6.          The DG/RPF has been inciting the Superior Officers and Inspectors to fabricate or get fabricated reports and basing on them disciplinary actions of dismissal/removal/compulsory retirement from service/reversion etc; besides   administrative actions of suspension/withholding of promotion/entering of adverse remarks in ACR etc. taken against the active members and office-bearers of AIRPFA who voiced against corruption/injustice.For example, Sh. D.C.Pandey/ Divnl. Secretary/Mumbai, Nikhare, V.President/ Mumbai, Divn, Sh. Kailash Mishra, Genl. Secretary/WCR and others have been illegally ousted from service. ACRs of several Inspectors of CR in general and Mumbai Divn; in particular were upgraded or down graded and those officers, who did so, have been protected instead of being dealt with drastically.

7.          This DG/RPF, by unjustly rejecting the appeal of Sh. S.R. Reddy, the then IPF/Panvel/Mumbai, and President of AIRPFA/CR against the illegal orders of his dismissal from service issued by the then CSC/RPF/CR Sh. B.S. Sidhu, has blindly supported the said corrupt CSC for obvious reasons and condemned Sh. Reddy for he had been protesting against the corrupt practices used by the later (Sh. Sidhu) in matters of transfer, posting, punishment, rewards etc. Sh. Sidhu dismissed Sh. Reddy from service on the basis of a report submitted to him by the E.O. after causing perfunctory enquiry into the Charge-Sheet U/R 153 of the RPF Rules, 1987 arbitrarily issued against Sh. Reddy on the same charge which was subjudice in CBI Court . Out of seventeen (17) PWs relied upon by the DA, the E.O. called only three (3) PWs during enquiry. Out of these three (i) complainant Sh. Ramnani was dropped in a hurry by the EO on the pretext that he was not co-operating, (ii) co-complainant Sh.Trilokani for telling the truth, was arbitrarily declared as hostile by the EO and (iii) the IO of CBI during his examination stated that alone the trap-laying officers of CBI could say why Sh. Reddy and others were apprehended?  However, the investigating officers were not called during enquiry. The Mobile Phone number on which SI/CIB V.N.Singh was made to talk, belonged to some other person and not to Sh. Reddy.  Sh. Reddy didn’t at all talk to his Sub Inspector, Sh. V.N. Singh. The CFSL report dated 28.11.2006 which did not find the so called taped voice of Sh. Reddy matching with his original voice was also not produced by the IO of CBI. However, the E.O. in a hurry submitted a report holding Sh. Reddy guilty of the charge of consenting his SI/CIB V.N.Singh to accept Rs. 1,000/- from the complainant Sh. Ramanani and Sh. Singh of accepting the said amount, to the then CSC/RPF/CR who without applying his mind discriminately dismissed Sh. Reddy from service, imposed comratively lenient punishment of reversion upon the SI/CIB and exonerated Constable/CIB N.B.Kare. The DG/RPF blindly supported the then CSC’s illegal order by rejecting Sh. Reddy’s appeal on the plea that it was ‘time barred’ although the same was submitted in time on 08.4.2008 to the DG/RPF as per order dated 26.3.2008 of the Hon’ble High Court of Mumbai which directed to submit the same within two weeks i.e. by 09.4.2008. The PS to DG/RPF (Sh. R.Sinha) acknowledged the receipt of the said appeal on 08.4.2008 vide entry No. 2392. Although, Sh. Reddy’s revision petition is pending with the Member Staff, Railway Board from 9th September, 2009 this DG/RPF got Sh. Reddy’s Railway Qrs; vacated through Estate Officer/Mumbai/CR and threw him into a lot of troubles and tribulations so that he may not defend himself against illegal orders of dismissal from service.No protest was lodged with the CBI for implicating, arresting and charge-sheeting Sh. Reddy and his staff in a false case. Justice demands that Sh. Reddy should immediately be reinstated in service, his SI/CIB relieved of the disciplinary punishment of reversion and transfer from CR to RPSF imposed upon him, the CBI case against them withdrawn and impartial inquiry started against the DG/RPF after repatriating him to his parent cadre.

7.1.     This DG/RPF did not deliberately initiate disciplinary action against the then CSC/RPF/CR Sh. B.S.Sidhu for illegally appointing the then Sr. DSC/RPF/Nagpur Sh. Chauhan as the Disciplinary Authority of Sh. S.C. Jha, Head Constable/RPF/ Mumbai and General Secretary of AIRPFA/CR then, in violation of rule 151.1 of the RPF Rules, 1987, getting him falsely charged of taking a mobile phone from Mohd. Safi Chaudhary, a railway contractor of Matunga Workshop and talking to him over phone after Mr. Safi was accused of Kurla RPF Post Case No.1/2006 dated 6.2.2006 under Section 3 of RP (UP) Act, 1966.  In his statement given before ASCs/RPF in connection with the said case in presence of Sh. S.C. Jha, Sh. Safi denied to have given anything to Sh. S.C. Jha but accepted that Mr. Jha had telephoned him asking as to why had he indulged in the theft of iron materials from Matunga Workshop to which he had replied in negative. However, a charge-sheet under rule 153 was got issued against Sh. S.C. Jha, he was baselessly held guilty of the charge without giving him an opportunity to defend himself by cross-examining Md. Safi Chaudhry. The DG/RPF admitted the review petition of Sh. S.C.Jha, ordered DENOVO enquiry into the charges only when he was left with one month service to superannuate. But just thereafter, he was also got served with another major penalty Charge-sheet, falsely alleging him of engaging in money-lending business.   During DENOVO enquiry, Md. Safi Chaoudhry denied to have given anything to S.C.Jha and disproved the charges. The DG/RPF also failed to initiate disciplinary actions against the then Sr. DSC/RPF Sh. R.S.Chauhan for obeying illegal orders of the then CSC/CR and acting as the DA in disregard to Sec. 11(a) of the RPF Act as amended in 1985, Sh.N.K.Saxena Addnl. CSC/RPF/CR for unjustly rejecting Jha’s appeal and Sh. B.S.Sidhu, the then CSC/CR for rejecting his revision petition with prejudice without recording in writing the reasons.     

 7.2.    For the first time in the history of RPF this DG/RPF has himself issued orders or made most of the CSCs in-charge of zonal railways except a few to issue orders prematurely transferring some Inspectors of major posts/thanas to remote areas and posting in their places other Inspectors who paid good amount of bribe. List of such Inspectors can be obtained from the Railway Board or zonal Railways.  As a result, in most of the zones those Inspectors, who are in-charges of posts/thanas, out of fear of transfer any time, are always ready to meet even the undue demands of this DG, his wife and daughter through the brokers. Other Inspectors remain busy for getting order of posting to big/prize RPF posts from the DG on payment of fixed amount of bribe. Thus, an atmosphere of doing any thing for survival or anyhow earning more and more money has been created by this DG/RPF in the whole of Indian Railways which can be considered as most unfortunate for the Indian Railways in particular and our nation in general.The DG has directly transferred Sh. Abhaya Singh/IPF to Moradabad from Udhampur, Sh. Anil Kumar/IPF to Shakurbasti from CIB HQ/NR, Sh. Ajay Rajpal Singh/IPF to Delhi Cantt. from Security Control Room / Delhi , Sh. S.N.Singh/ IPF/Dhanbad to Hajipur. Several other members too have been directly transferred and posted in most of the zones.

8.      The DG/RPF with intent to terrorise the entire Force and make the members to approach to him directly through the aforesaid brokers for redressal of their grievances, he illegally ordered inter-zonal transfer of 26 members of RPF and 19 of RPSF by fabricating allegation against them that they had boycotted the Bada-Khana arranged for them after the Republic Day Parade on 26th of January 2010 at Dayabasti RPSF Lines. In fact, they did not boycott the Bada-khana. They had repeatedly requested the DG/RPF to increase 4 days Spl. C.L. he had already announced as granted to each of them to at least 10 days. The DG yielded and announced grant of 7 days SPl.C.L to each of them. The jawans continued to request him for granting 10 days Spl.C.L to which the DG became annoyed and himself boycotted the Badakhana. When I, the Secretary General of AIRPFA vide my letter dated  09.3.2010 to the Hon’ble MR, alleged the DG/RPF of committing aforesaid illegalities, he(DG) vide his letter dated 08.4.2010 to his colleagues has admitted to have  announced grant of 7 days’ Spl.C.L. in his verbal address to each of the Jawans at Dayabasti and not in writing. Verbal order of the higher authorities to the Sub-ordinates in the field is considered as an order to be obeyed and later on recorded in writing. Disciplinary action against DG/RPF for illegally sanctioning 7 days Spl.C.L. and transferring 45 members of RPF/RPSF out of their Zonal Railways in violation of rules 7.5, 16.3 and 91.2 of the RPF Rules 1987, should be taken and the transferred members brought back to their previous places of posting.

9.          At the instance of DG/RPF, on 29th September, 2009 the RPF barracks of NR, ECR, NWR and other Railways were checked during night time and several members who were not allotted kots in the barracks were marked absent and transferred out of Division. The AIRPFA informed the DG that the total strength of RPF personnel in Delhi is about 2000. Residential and barrack accommodations are available only for about 700 members. Rest 1300 members have themselves arranged accommodations for them and their family members. About 100 members were subjected to such transfer alone in NR in violation of rule 93.2 of the RPF Rules, 1987 with ulterior motive to terrorise others and reconsider their cases after taking handsome amount of bribe. The DG refused to reconsider the matter on the approach of the AIRPFA. Having been compelled, the aggrieved members moved the Hon’ble High Courts of Delhi, Lucknow and Chandigarh expending huge amount and got their transfer stayed. For issuing such malicious orders of transfer which unnecessarily taxed and vexed the members, the DG deserves to be proceeded against and punished.   

10.    This DG/RPF has been very much liberal in granting extension to superior officers and Inspectors of big RPF Thanas/Posts by taking illegal gratification from them on expiration of their tenure.  For example, Sr. DSC/Jabalpur Sh. S. Shandilya, Inspector/RPF/Mumbai, IPF/Sh. Sanjay Singh of Mumbai Divn; of CR and others vide the list available in the Security Directorate, Railway Board having no expertise have been given extension in lieu of illegal gratification.

11.      This DG/RPF to keep appeased the IGs and DIGs adjusted most of them at their original places of posting or transferred them to the places of their choice even after their promotion from  the rank of DIG  and Sr. DSC/CO by taking illegal-gratification and for getting the work of his choice done unopposed in matters of transfer/posting, promotion, up-gradation of ACR, enhancing/reducing punishments etc. whereas he (DG) has ruthlessly and discriminately been getting even the lower functionaries of the Force like Constables and Head Constables transferred out of Division to far-flung places on their promotion dislocating their children’s education to keep them under the reign of terror for obvious reasons.               

12.      This DG/RPF has, out of the way, been protecting/supporting the infamous broker IPF, A.K. Tiwari, his relatives in RPF/ER and some other members of Central Railway who were physically sent by the then CSC/RPF, Sh. B.S. Sidhu and the then DG/RPF, Sh. M.K. Sinha to Haridwar to forcibly obstruct the 16th AGM of AIRPFA.  This DG has also been protecting those corrupt members who had donated ill-gotten money in lakhs to Sh. Tiwari at the instance of the then DG/RPF to enable him to meet the multi-farous expenses to be incurred in bringing them upto Delhi by train and from Delhi by AC bus to Haridwar, for their stay in luxurious hotel at Haridwar, bringing them to Delhi in AC bus from Haridwar and then again sending them back by train to their destinations. IPF/A.K. Tiwari with his few supporters entered into the meeting hall at Haridwar and obstructed the meeting being held in presence of the distinguished guests Sh. Harish Rawat, now Minister of State for Labour, some MLAs and former Ministers of Uttarakhand, present and former General Secretaries of IRPOF besides others.  Sh. Tiwari and his supporters had inflicted bleeding head injury to one of the delegates named Sh. Rajsekhar from Trichy and on being ousted from the venue of AGM by the local police, they got registered a false case in the local police station against the Secretary General /AIRPFA, President and General Secretary of AIRPFA/NR and others at the instance of the then CSC/RPF/CR, Sh. B.S. Sidhu and the then DG/RPF, Sh. M.K. Sinha.

13.      Sh. Ranjit Sinha DG/RPF deliberately violated Railway Board’s letter No. 2003/Sec.(Spl)/AIRPFA/Facilities dated 08.9.2003 by not holding PNM meetings twice a year at Railway Board level and by not getting held PNM meetings held at Zonal level thrice a year and four-times a year at Divisional level with the representatives of the Association to discuss the grievances and redress the same. The DG/RPF has also not implemented the decisions pronounced by the Chairpersons (Member Staff) of the 1st and 2nd PNM Meetings held on 9th and 10th March 2004 and 19th and 20th July 2005 respectively in the Conference Hall of Railway Board with ulterior motive to encourage the Superior Officers to victimize the members ostensibly in the name of discipline but actually to get their undue interest served unchecked. Un-restrained non-implemention of the aforesaid orders of the Railway Board to hold PNM and decisions of the two previous PNM meetings compelled the members of the Force in general to depend on the mercy of the Superior Officers for the redressal of their grievances by giving illegal gratification and emboldened the DG/RPF to continue to violate rules 7.5, 16.3, 18.1, 27.2 (b) & (d) and 28 of the RPF Rules 1987 to go on getting illegal gratification. He has deliberately not been publishing in the Official Gazette Notification of the Ministry of Railways, the omitted privisions of Section 15A(1)(b) and sub-section (4) and (5) of Section 21 of the RPF(Amendment) Act, 1985 which were exactly published by the Union Ministry of Law & Justice vide its Gazette Notification dated 9th September, 1985 and Corrigendum Gazette Notification dated 4th August 2006 in utter disregard to the law of the land and the supreme Parliament for the reasons best known to him.

14. Alike his predecessor, this DG/RPF also deliberately failed to implement the Railway Board’s decision incorporated in the minutes dated 24.07.2006 of its meeting held on 14th July 2006 for merging 8 battalions of RPSF to RPF leaving two battalions intact for North East and two for J&K.  Thereafter, thousands of members of RPSF have been transferred to RPF losing their seniority and higher rank.  Therefore, implementation of the Board’s decision is necessary for stopping corruption in transfer of members from RPSF to RPF and their loss of seniority.

15.      Several complaints have been received that this DG/RPF has tried his best to cover up the corrupt practices used in the recruitment of Sub Inspectors.  It is alleged that the DG/RPF got facilitated sub-standard SI cadets to pass written examination by copying from their notebooks/books in most of the training centres they were undergoing training.  At Trichy Training Centre, some SI cadets were caught red-handed while copying.  This complaint was got enquired into by CSC/RPF/SR.  Alone the SI cadets were made responsible leaving others scot free. A report in this connection was submitted to the DG/RPF who disposed of the same leniently. When the answer books of the SI cadets were examined at Lucknow RPF Training Academy , about 200 SI cadets failed but later on the DG/RPF got them passed.  The SI cadets were selected zone-wise but the vacancy of one zone was filled by the recruits empanelled against the vacancies of other zones.  After completion of their training the SI cadets have not been posted to the zones they were selected for.  They have been posted in other zones with ulterior motive to make them to request for their posting in their original zones and get their request fulfilled by unfair means.  Copies of two complaints are enclosed.

 I, therefore, request you to shift him from the post of DG/RPF, get the allegations impartially enquired into and deterrent actions taken on the result thereof.

( U.S. Jha )

Secretary General/AIRPFA

Suresh Tripathi

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