Socialist Party’s Tribute Mohan Dharia

The Socialist Party expresses deep sorrow and grief on the sad demise of veteran socialist leader Mohan Dharia. He was a great freedom fighter and devout socialist, besides suffering imprisonment during Quit India movement of 1942, he had led a march to the palace of princely ruler of a small state on west-coast, namely Murud Janjira and liberated it to establish democratic administration. As a member of the Socialist Party he had taken initiative in organizing transport workers of Maharashtra.

Mohan Dharia  joined the Congress on the call of socialist thinker Ashok Mehta who propounded the thesis ‘compulsions of backward economy’. He was made state minister and tendered resignation from the cabinet of Mrs. Indira Gandhi as a protest against imposing Emergency in 1975. He was imprisoned under MISA. He got elected to the Lok Sabha in 1977 on Janata Party ticket and became Commerce Minister. He was made voce chairman of the Planning Commission during the short spell of Chandra Shekhar’s primeministership.  

He retired from active politics in mid eighties and devoted himself to the cause of farmers. He undertook fast at the age of 82 years to press the demand for wavering of farmers’ debts. As the founder of ‘Vanarai’ he had conducted campaign for protection of environment opposing deforestation. He had been associated with the socialist youth organization, Rashtra Seva Dal (RSD) and was a trustee of ‘Sadhana’ weekly.

We pay homage on his demise and offer tributes to his memory. We also express our heart-felt condolences to the family.  

Bhai Vaidya, president

Balwant Singh Kheda, vice president

Dr. Prem Singh, general secretary and spokesperson

Omkar Singh, general secretary

Pannalal Surana, chairman, parliamentary board

Dr. Abhijit Vaidya, president, SYS

Press Release

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