Psychological penetration is love!

Transform your sex into love, and transform your love into prayer — so one day even kings like Bimbisara may feel jealous of you. Become a Mahavira, a Buddha, become a Christ, a Zarathustra, a Lao Tzu. Only then have you lived, only then have you known the mysteries of life! – Osho

When there is love, sex is never a problem – it is the lack of love that creates the problem. – J Krishnamurti

Mad! That’s the word. One must become mad with love in order to realize God. But that love is not possible if the mind dwells on ‘woman and gold’. Sex-life with a woman! What happiness is there in that? The realization of God gives ten million times more happiness. – Ramakrishna Paramhansa

Physical penetration is sex, which is a very superficial thing. Psychological penetration is love, which is far more deep, far more significant, far more beautiful, far more human. The first is animal, the second is human. And then there is a third kind of penetration: when two consciousnesses meet, merge, melt into each other. I call that prayer. – Osho

If a man has a strong desire for the higher life then the sex tendency will subside. When the mind is destroyed, the other desires are destroyed also. – Ramana Maharshi

Love has three possibilities: sex, the lowest; love, higher than sex; and prayer, the highest. – Osho

There is chastity only when there is love. When there is love, the problem of sex ceases; and without love, to pursue the ideal of bramacharya is an absurdity because the ideal is unreal. The real is that which you are, and if you don’t understand your own mind, the workings of your own mind, you will not understand sex because sex is a thing of the mind.  – J Krishnamurti

Sex is animal, love is human. And to go beyond love is divine. Then arises prayer. Sex, love, prayer: these are the three stages of life. If you die without knowing prayer, you have lived in vain. – Osho

Love is a lotus hidden in the mud. The lotus is born out of mud, but you don’t condemn the lotus because it is born out of mud; you don’t call the lotus muddy, you don’t call the lotus dirty. Love is born out of sex, and then prayer is born out of love, and then God is born out of prayer. Higher and higher and higher one goes on soaring. – Osho

In deep orgasm, if you are aware, you will know for the first time what ecstasy is. Otherwise you have only heard the word; you have not known its meaning. Only in deep orgasm, if you are aware, if your flame of awareness is burning bright, will you be able to know that sex is not just sex. Sex is the outermost layer; deep inside is love; and even deeper is prayer; and deepest is God himself. Sex can become a cosmic experience; then it is tantra. Sex plus awareness… and something tremendous starts changing. – Osho

A mind that is not alert, vital, a heart that is not affectionate, full, how can it be creative? And not being creative, you seek stimulation through sex, through amusement, cinemas, theaters, through watching others play while you remain a spectator; others paint the scene or dance, and you yourself are but an observer. – J Krishnamurti

I am for transformation, hence I teach my sannyasins to be creative. Create music, create poetry, create painting, create pottery, sculpture — create something! Whatsoever you do, do it with great creativeness, bring something new into existence, and your sex will be fulfilled on a higher plane and there will be no repression. Let your sex become more and more love and less and less lust. And then finally let your love also become a little higher — that is prayer. Lust is the lowest form of sex, love higher than sex, and prayer is the ultimate transformation. – Osho

When youth is gone, where is lust and its play? Where is the lake when its waters have dried up? Where are the kinsfolk when riches are gone ? When Truth is realised, where is the snare of Samsara(world)? – Adi Shankara

By rooting out the false idea of the body being the Self. There is no sex in the Self. Be the Self and then you will have no sex troubles. – Ramana Maharshi

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