Struggle for alternative policies need of the hour : Prakash Karat

New Delhi : All India Peoples Front National Convener Akhilendra Pratap`s 10days long fast for bringing corporate houses under Lokpal, inclusion of right to work in Fundamental Rights, passage of anti-communal violence bill and other pro-people issues ended today at 1 PM as per earlier declaration. CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat offered him fruit juice for breaking the fast. On this occasion were present veteran Communist leader Com. AB Bardhan, Justice Sachhar, CPI(ML) Polit-Bureau members Com. Swapan Mukherjee and Prabhat Choudhary, Rahtriya Ulema Council President Moulana Amir Rashadi, Bhartiya Kisan Union (Ambavata) President Rishi Pal Ambavata, Ex. MP Dr. Aizaz Ali, eminent economist Dr. Jaya Mehta.

Addressing the meeting after breaking his fast, Akhilendra said that this fast succeeded in highlighting the real peoples issues at national political plane. He said that the massive support this fast received from various progressive, democratic forces has strengthened our resolve to carry forward the battle for peoples politics against the corporate politics.

Remembering Erome Sharmila`s struggle on this occasion who is sitting on fast for the last 12 years, Akhilendra said that rapes are occurring frequently in different parts of the country, brutal repression continues unabated in north-east, people from J&K are not allowed even to hold press conference in Delhi. This situation must change. Every Indian, be he/she from Hindi-Urdu belt, central or south India, north-east or Kashmir must have equal rights and life of dignity.

Akhilendra said that the neo-liberal economic-industrial policies have further accentuated the crisis which they were supposed to resolve viz. the crisis of current account balance.

Supporting Akhilendra`s fast, CPI(M) general Secretary Com. Prakash Karat said that in view of the increasing anger against the anti-people policies of Congress, the corporate houses are trying to project fascist politics of Modi and BJP. This fast has played a positive role in advancing the battle for alternative policies. CPI(M) will render every cooperation to intensify the struggle for issues raise during this fast.

Com. Bardhan elaborated the repercussions of anti-people policies and said that Akhilendra`s fast has strengthened the struggle for anti-corporate economy and politics. Justice Sachhar said that governments are violating the spirit of Constitution and functioning against the ideals of secularism, democracy and socialism. Akhilendra`s fast has played role in strengthening those values.

CPI(ML) PB Member Com. Swapan Mukherjee said that Akhilendra`s fast has succeeded in attracting the attention of left and democratic forces. SR Darapuri, AIPF National Spokesperson delivered the concluding speech. The meeting was conducted by Lal Bahadur Singh, Member of National Convening Committee, AIPF.

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