Pathetic condition of teachers and education in ‘Vibrant Gujarat’

Respected sir,
Situation of teachers in Gujarat is merciful… they are being exploited but there is no media story on this dark side Vibrant Gujrat. Please read below:
It is not known whose idea it was to convert the regular primary teachers into Vidhya Sahayaks. Whoever it was,the idea was certainly not to improve the standard of primary education. On the contrary, creation of the cadre called Vidhyasahayak, initially with a salary 25% of that of the regular primary teachers, was the beginning of the real devaluation of primary education. This practice started around 1998, coinciding with the arrival of Keshubhai Patel's BJP Government in Gujarat. When the practice first started, no rules were framed by the Government and the initial appointments were made as Government resolutions.
The Vidhyasahayaks were paid a fix Wage of Rs. 2500/- for a period of Five years. In the last ten years 1,32,983 Vidyasahayaks have been appointed in Government primary schools. The salary has now been increased to Rs. 5300/-, which is still about 30% of the current salary paid to the regular primary teachers. By reducing the wages of the primary teachers, the Government has saved around Rs 1,200,000,000 (Rs 120crores/-) which is used for other expenditures of the Govt (may be for its publicity/APCO bills). No new Government primary school has been opened in any urban center in the last ten years. Whereas 26000 private primary schools have opened, in the same period, admitting 29,38,700 students as compared to around 2,00,000 ten years back.The idea of reducing the wages of primary school teachers and casualising the primary Education in Governmental sector was to privatize and commercialize the primary education, which has now become obvious to everyone after ten years of “development of Gujarat”. 
However, it is not just Primary education that has suffered. The same degeneracy can be seen in the secondary as well as higher secondary education also. At the secondary level, government has created new post of Shikshan Sahayak who are paid Rs.10000 which is less than 50% of the regular salary. Even in the Colleges of the Vibrant Gujarat, the Professors/Lecturers are being replaced by the Adhyapak Sahayaks, who are paid a salary of Rs.16000. 
The result of such low salary is that the quality of teachers choosing teaching as their career has gone down. After ten years, we now have around 25000 new private Higher Secondary schools, Enrolling 22,43,275 students as compared to only 6,50,459 students in Government Higher Secondary Schools. The fee structure in the private secondary and higher secondary schools are very high and not affordable by the poorer sections of society, thus depriving the masses of poor students from quality education. The recruitment of teachers in the Government Schools are hit by all types of scams and the teachers have become a litigating class, desperate to defend their individual rights and benefits. The people of Vibrant Gujarat need to question today.
-If our teachers are paid such low wages, how will they be able to meet the requirements of their personal and family life and yet devote their full time and energy in teaching.
– Please do the need full and take stand for us…..!
Your Faithful
Hitesh patel
Mo: 7600004488

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