The Dirty Corporate world

It is now two month I am roaming for a job in Bangalore. I am still unemployed. People call Bangalore as IT hub, City filled with International companies, but still there are no job opportunities. People all around are greedy. I completed my MCA. I came to Bangalore for a job in a company named “impetus”, but once I reached here I came to know that I lost it. Lost it for asking two days extension while joining.

(Friends there is no values for emotions here…) I was upset for two days later my friend said, you must move on the world won’t stop for you. Then next morning I started searching job through all the job portals, tried calling most of the company HR. my call was disconnected because HR was busy with New Year celebration. I switched off my cellphone. I felt its waste calling. Then I took step 2 by calling my friends who are working in good companies. Even that turned to be waste, they end my call by saying,  I am bit busy call you later. Their call never came back.

Then I texted them saying if there is any vacancy in your company please let me know. There was no response from them. Even friends wants to stay away when you are unemployed. Then I took step 3 by finding jobs through consultancy. I went there, asked for job. They said me, all software company wants candidates with experience. She asked my experience. I was stuck. How do she expect experience when I have just completed my Masters? I said, I don’t have experience. So she said me, ok don’t worry I will process you for BPO. I told her, I have done my Masters. She said me, without experience don’t ever think of getting into Software Company. I asked her what is the criteria for getting into BPO. She said you must have completed your 10th std. and you need to have good communication skill. I asked her then what’s the use of my MASTERS!!! She said its waste. I dint have any question for her. I just came my home back. All my dreams was scattered. I put a question to myself. Then why did I do my MCA!!! Time waste and money waste. For another three days I sat in my home, my financial status was becoming poor. I dint find any other option, went back to consultant. I asked for job in BPO. They fixed appointment with the company for my interview. I was little happy. But after some time they said me while going for the interview. You are not supposed to tell that you are MCA graduate, instead you must tell them that, you have backlogs in MCA or tell due to financial problem in family you discontinued your studies. I asked why? She said me, you are “Over Qualified.” I was shocked. I have heard not Qualified, but this word was new for me. That was my first experience, friends if you study more even then this world has problem with you. You won’t get the job because you have studied more. I don't understand why this world is like this.

Sujoy KR

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