Tirthankar University, Moradabad (UP), Rape & Double Murder Case : Requires Urgent Media Attention

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July 6th, Girl found dead under mysterious circumstances in the campus, Police & University says its suicide, Parents and Students allege Rape and Murder by the Vice Chancellor & his son. 16 July – Doctor who attends rape victim before her death, only witness of a possible dying declaration is found dead under mysterious circumstances.

Despite local public protests, nothing happens. Sources say the VC has good links with SP and that's is why he has successfully evaded the law & justice till now.

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Another mysterious death in Tirthankar University in Moradabad

Within 48-hours of state government’s move to transfer the probe into  killing of medico student into the hands of Crime Branch Crime Investigation Department (CB CID), mystery further deepens when the doctor of same medical college, who attended on the victim too died under mysterious circumstances in Moradabad on Monday.

The girl was sexually assaulted before being murdered and now death of the doctor who attended on her pointed a deep-rooted conspiracy into both the killings. The colleagues of the victims accused the vice-chancellor of Teerthanker Mahaveer University, Suresh Jain and his son Manish Jain and one Abhishek Kumar were involved in the killing of medico student and demanded their immdeidate arrest. They also raised slogan against the local authorities claiming that the administration was helping the accused. Now they claimed that the CB CID is not a competent authorities as the accused enjoyed huge clout in the government, and demanded a probe by the sleuths of Central Burau of Investigation (CBI). They apprehended that the killing of doctor was orchestrated just to conceal some sensational facts involved in the girl’s murder. Local police, however claimed to be still looking into the matter.

According to fresh reports, Dr Nitin (28). a young doctor in the casualty ward of the Teerthanker Mahaveer University Hospital was reportedly found dead inside the hospital on late Sunday night. He was on night duty when the incident took place. While the authorities once again claimed it to be a natural death probably due to cardiac failure, the colleagues of the victim as well as the family members claimed it to be a orchestrated murder demanding a high level probe. They also lodged a complaint in this regard with the Pakwara police station in this regard. Mystery also deepened in the case as  Nitin is said to have treated Neeraj Bhadana, a 20-year-old MBBS student of the University before she died on July 6 last.

The University authorities and the police had claimed that Neeraj had committed suicide after jumping from her fifth floor hostel room but the colleagues maintained it to be a rape and murder case in which they alleged involvement of Vice-Chancellor and his son along with others. The post-mortem also supported their theory when it confirmed that the victim was strangulated to death and later her body was thrown to make it a case of suicide. Though the family members of the girl and social organisations demanded CBI probe into the case, state government on last Friday ordered a probe by CB CID who said to also started the investigation. Additional Superintendent of Police(ASP) of CB CID,  N P Singh was leading the team investigating the murder.However, now when the doctor also died just as CB CID begins the probe, family members, students and social organizations demanded a CBI probe.


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