‘The Sunday Indian’ Cheques bounce, salary denied to employees

Dear Yashwant, please publish it.. TSI Cheques bounce, salary denied to employees.. Myself Nakshab Khan, I worked for The Sunday Indian in the online division for over a year between JAn 6, 2012 to Jan 6, 2013 and I am yet to receive my salary of Rs 42,000.

We were given Post dated cheques for different months but they all bounced one by one. Many of the employees including me are planning to file cheque bounce case against Arindam Choudhary. There are at least 50 employees who have not got their salaries. The last cheque given to us by TSI was dated for October 2013 which has already expired. And there is no hope of getting our salary.

The TSI management is just giving promises on a day today basis instead of their salaries.

Please publish it.

Nakshab Khan

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