आजतक वालों ने भड़ास को भेजा लीगल नोटिस

Legal Notice for publishing defamatory Article

1. Mr. Yashwant Singh

CEO  & Editor, Bhadas4Media

“Without Prejudice”

It has come to the knowledge of TV Today Network Limited, (“TVTN”) that you, through your website namely, “bhadas4media.com”, are publishing defamatory, false and misleading information/content which is damaging to the reputation and business interests of TVTN and the India Today Group (collectively the “Company”). 

Your actions being malafide and illegal, constrains the Company to issue the following Legal Notice.

1. That the Company is a reputed, respected and popular Media Corporate existing under Indian laws and is engaged in diverse business activities ranging from electronic to print media under the aegis of the “India Today Group”.

2. That on 15.01.2014 at 1300 hrs, there was an article published on your website by B4M, titled “‘Aaj Tak’ Mein Bhoot! (Dekhein Tasveer)”. The article is not only preposterous but also per se defamatory and misleading inasmuch as the content is false, based on incorrect facts and whimsical theories without any evidence to substantiate the statements made therein.

3. In your article, as the title suggests, you have talked about ghosts at the Company’s premises in an attempt to not only encourage superstition but also to prey on the minds of the gullible. (Print Shots enclosed).

4. The Company emphatically states that stories of such nature are not news worthy and should not be published by any news entity that claims to adhere to sound journalistic principles.

5. That TVTN vehemently denies the existence of any such incidents as brought out by your website. It is stated that the information contained in your article is completely false and is mischievously aimed at not only creating unrest among TVTN’s employees but also at defaming TVTN.     

6. That the tone and tenor of the said article aims at belittling and maligning the famed reputation of TVTN. Further by publishing such articles you intend to malafidely promote your own interests at TVTN’s cost. It is stated that the article on your website has been published by you with the intent to make unlawful and wrongful gains and cause unlawful and wrongful loss to TVTN, including damage to the reputation and goodwill of TVTN.

7. That the said actions of yours are illegal, mala-fide and only aimed at unjustly enriching yourself at the cost and consequences of TVTN.

You are hereby called upon by virtue of this notice to:

(i) Remove the impugned article from your website “bhadas4media.com” with immediate effect and from any similar website or publication being operated by you;

(ii) You are further called upon to provide TVTN the details on the basis of which you published the impugned article and the details of your source(s) of information;

(iii) Render an unconditional apology to TVTN on your website “bhadas4media.com”  for publishing the alleged article (to be prominently placed for all viewers);

(iv)  Give an undertaking that no such false and defamatory content would be published by you in your website or elsewhere in the future;

(v)  You should also explain and justify as to why TVTN should not pursue strict legal action against you.

You are advised to notify your compliance with this Legal Notice to TVTN within 15 days of receipt of this Notice failing which TVTN would be inclined to initiate appropriate legal proceedings against you, needless to mention that you would be responsible for costs and consequences in case of your failure.

For TV Today Network Limited,

Dr. Puneet Jain
Head Legal & Compliances and Company Secretary & Vice President- Internal Audit

TV Today Network Ltd.
India Today Mediaplex
FC 8, Sec. 16 A, Film City
Noida 201301
Tel: +91 120 4807100

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