Where will you go Mr. Naqvi?

Qamar Waheed Naqvi Resigns from India TV… It must have been an epiphany that while I sat watching Aap Ki Adalat with Narendra Modi, Saturday night, I could hardly see Qamar Waheed Naqvi fit into this scheme of things.. While I have no personal stand on Modi's politics, as a media personnel I have always believed in the impartiality of the medium and the platform.

The iconic Aap Ki Adalat that has taken the pants off so many, on that day was packed with Modi fans, cheering and rooting at every word he uttered and Rajat Sharma looked as though he had rehearsed his act to lead Modi to his rhetorical best.

Having worked closely with QWN as his programming head at Aajtak, I knew that had a programme this blatantly one sided gone on air in my watch, notwithstanding any ideology or personality, I would have forthwith lost my job. Naqviji wouldn't have me. He would not live with this sense of impropriety However, even before I had the time to snigger at the irony (and a castigation of a senior's perceived hypocrisy that we are so keen on jumping at), Qamar Waheed Naqvi had resigned from the post of Editorial Director, India TV first up on Sunday morning, which was accepted by night.

BTW at the same time Rahul Gandhi was trying to gain some lost ground with an interview to the most un tele-savvy Javed Ansari, who looked no less of a stooge..

Where will you go Mr. Naqvi? ' Har shaakh pe ullu baithein hain, anjaam e gulistaan kya hoga..!)

From Nilendu Sen' Facebook wall.

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