Why all terrorists are Muslims?

Many people say I am sympathetic to Muslims. But I ask why you all the time are busy in hating Muslims  ? Do you have no other work  to do ? Is your life only meant for opposing all the time Muslims ? Even if you want to be in power, can't you do some meaningful development works and ask people for vote. It is strange way of seeking public support ? You blamed the English of divide and rule, then what are you doing ? Doing same. The whole nation is not worried about illiteracy, disease,corruption, population, poverty, but all seem to worry only about how to teach Muslims a lesson. How to reform them so that nation can be brought on the right track.

Keep in mind if somebody is bad, life will punish him itself. You need not punish him all the time. Yeh there should be some official mechanism to punish him, but if whole the nation gets busy all the time in punishing them on Facebook, how will other life sustaining activities go on. You see, we all Hindus are wrong, irreligious and that's is why life has been all long  punishing us this way or that way. See how we are suffering all the time. Our no system works well. Everywhere there is duplicasy, all around there is filth, filth on roads, dirt in hospitals and in mind, people dying of hunger, lot of riots, lot of scams, and yeh education producing just fools so that this hellish life can be propagated. No body needs to punish us, life is punishing us already heavily. We are prisoners of our own nefarious trap. I don't see Muslims anywhere on scene because your this unjust, propagandist system has never allowed them to enter any service so that they could also get an opportunity to  loot like us.

Then you will say most of the terrorists are Muslims. Yeh, but you will also find most of people doing  scams, looting, corruption, rapes, bride burning are Hindus. It means you can easily conclude that all Hindus are disloyal to their country, they are corrupt to the core of their heart, they are highly cunning, work shirkers. Just check the records in all the departments. You can then easily prove that all Hindus are fraud, sinful and propagandist. If killing some one can be terrorism, why looting, cheating and dishonesty should not brand you as a traitor. But you think as if most of problems are  due to Muslims. No you don't think so, you know the realty but just to  become PM you need to do this propaganda. You think you are being very smart, but to me you are most stupid because ultimately life has to be lived on facts. And I will prove in next articles how immorality, crookedness  of Hindus has been root cause  every terrorist activity.


Swami JS Breakanand


Break The Rule


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