Media coverage of corruption in Bihar least in the country

Patna : Though Chhattisgarh and Bihar, according to the recent survey done by the Centre for Media Studies (CMS), are the two top states so far rural corruption is concerned yet the TV media coverage of corruption are minimum here. In 2010 Bihar contributed only 0.01 percent, Chaattisgarh (0.05 percent) and Kerala (0.09 percent) to the news channels for corruption coverage in their prime time between 7:00 PM and 11:00 PM.

Why Media and Civil society failed to raise Corruption issue in Bihar?

The Anna Hazare wave has reached Bihar like in many other parts of the country. Students, teachers, senior citizens and many activists took to roads on Friday expressing their solidarity to Anna Hazare, who is on fast unto death to pressurize government for bringing Jan Lok Pal Bill to curb rampant corruption in our system. Corruption is all pervasive and accepted fact of our life.