इंडिया टीवी एवं एबीपी न्‍यूज के पत्रकार निकले ब्‍लैकमेलर, विजय ने की शिकायत

ये क्‍या हो गया. भूत प्रेत दिखाने वाले चैनल के पत्रकार अब ब्‍लैकमेलिंग पर उतर आए हैं? दिल्‍ली के एक व्‍यवसायी ने आरोप लगाया है कि रजत शर्मा और विनोद कापड़ी वाले इंडिया टीवी की रिपोर्टर भूमिका शर्मा और एबीपी न्‍यूज के रिपोर्टर प्रदीप श्रीवास्‍तव उसकी सेक्‍स‍वीडियो बनाकर उसे ब्‍लैकमेल करने की कोशिश कर रहे थे. तिल को ताड़ करने वाले चैनल इंडिया टीवी और पत्रकारिता का ढोल पीटने वाला एबीपी न्‍यूज क्या अपने चैनलों पर दिखाएगा अपने पत्रकारों पर लगे आरोपों की खबर?

शर्मसार करने वाला दौर है यह. जी-जिंदल प्रकरण में सुधीर चौधरी और समीर आहलुवालिया पर लगे ब्‍लैकमेलिंग के आरोप लोगों की याददाश्‍त से हटे भी नहीं थे कि ये नया मामला सामने आ गया. पढि़ए डेली भास्‍कर में प्रकाशित खबर…. 

TV journalists accused of ‘blackmailing’ a Delhi businessman

New Delhi: Two television journalists- Bhumika Sharma of India TV and Pradeep Srivastava have been suspended after an owner of a garage in south Delhi has accused them and the head of an NGO of trying to extort Rs 20 lakh by blackmailing him of telecasting his video. The garage-owner said that the accused had secretly filmed him with different women.
A statement issued by Delhi Police named the complainant as Vijay Kumar, a 53-year-old “car mechanic who runs a shop in the name of Motor craft in Vasant Vihar”. Kumar, the statement said, had complained that “one Manu Sharma… who runs an NGO in the name of People’s Foundation, has provided girls for sexual intercourse at his address at Satya Niketan and prepared video clips.”
“They are threatening to extort Rs 20 lakh by putting him in fear of implicating him in a false case of rape. One Ms Bhumika, an employee of India TV and Mr Pardeep working with ABP News also threatened the complainant to… settle the matter otherwise they said they would telecast the recording on TV,” the statement said.
Police said Kumar had recorded his phone conversation with the accused, in the course of which they had allegedly tried to blackmail him. The CD containing the purported conversation would be sent for forensic examination. The possible involvement of a third journalist is also being investigated. 
Just last month, the Broadcast Editors’ Association (BEA) had removed Zee News editor and business head Sudhir Chaudhary from the post of treasurer and primary membership of the body on charges of extortion. (डेली भास्‍कर)

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