HT Advt Scam : Mantoo Sharma prays to SC to issue guidelines to owners / editors

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New Delhi : In connection with the Special Leave Petition(Criminal) No.1603 of 2013 ,the Supreme Court of India will hear  on December 16 next, the Respondent No.02, Mantoo Sharma, Munger ,Bihar, in his Counter-Affidavit, has prayed to the Hon’ble Supreme Court  to issue guidelines to the owners and editors of the Print, Broadcast and Electronic Media in matters relating to the Rs.200 crore  Dainik Hindustan Advertisement Scam of Bihar.

Mantoo Sharma prays to Supreme Court to appreciate the actions of Web Portals of India: The Respondent No.02,Mantoo Sharma,Munger,Bihar, in his Counter-Affidavit on page nos.129,130,131 & 132, says,

“That in respect of the para No.5R(Grounds) of the petitioner, it is submitted that the instant  F.I.R No.445/2011 is not motivated and meant for harassing the petitioner.Rather, the instant F.I.R is a daring right legal action against those persons of the powerful Media House of this country who are bent upon to shatter the “economy of the country” by forgery, fraud and cheatings in order to amass wealth amounting to corruption on a higher level in the country.

This instant F.I.R is the first case in India in the last 144 years to expose the nexus of the owners of the powerful Media House, bureaucrats and politicians indulged in looting the government treasury and destabilizing  the  economy of the country. It is ridiculus that it is the powerful media house of India whose many publications everyday print and publish economic offences of politicians,men in judiciary,bureaucrats,policemen,etc. on the front pages of the newspapers and  magazines.but itself the owner/chairperson of the company is indulged in this scam.

It is further submitted  that since the filing of this instant case and the order in the Patna High Court, under the influence and threats of the petitioner and others, no news channels or any language newspaper  in India or abroad did dare to print and publish this Dainik Hindustan Government Advertisement scandal so far. There are a few websites namely,,, www,, in India  and the owners of those wesites are daring to highlight the Dainik Hindustan Government Advertisement Scandal of Bihar with prominency. Their news reports, appearing in the above mentioned websites, are based on the orders of the Munger Courts, police investigations, police supervision reports, assessment of actual money  devoured by the petitioner, and other government  documents.
As the petitioner  has full control over the Indian and Foreign Media to stop the publication/telecast/broadcast of the media advertisement scandal, the petitioner also wants to stop the printing and publication of the Dainik Hindustan Government Advertisement Scandal in the social media so that the world could not know the economic offences of the powerful media houses of India.It is the petitioner whose publications like The Hindustan Times(New Delhi) and Dainik Hindustan(New Delhi) print and publish 2G Spectrum Scandal and other scandals  of the country involving  the great personalities of the country everyday.

But, when the social media prints and  publishes  the financial scandals of the powerful media house, the petitioner,Shobhna Bharatia, calls it” highly offending materials” to malign  the petitioner.It is ridiculus in the sense that the petitioner should also stop printing and publishing  news-reports based on the F.I.Rs ,Police Investigations, Court-orders in matters of economic offences involving big personalities of the country in her publications like The Hindustan Times,Dainik Hindustan and othes. The petitioner should set the examples in doing so, it is further submitted. The Hindustan advertisement scandal is almost similar to the 2G Spectrum Scandal.

It is further submitted that such social media should be praised for highlighting the economic offences of such powerful media houses of the country to safeguard democracy  in India.

It is further submitted that the Hon’ble Supreme Court  may kindly consider to issue some guidelines to the Editors,owners of the Print,Broadcast and Electronic Media in matters relating to the publication of this particular Government Advertisement Scandal of the Media House.””

Rs.200 crore Dainik Hindustan Advertisement Scam : Supreme Court to hear Shobhana Bhartia’s S.L.P (Cri) No.1603 of 2013 on Dec 16 next

The official website of the Supreme Court of India has notified that the Supreme Court will hear the Special Leave Petition(Criminal) No. 1603 of 2013 of Shobhana Bhartia,the Chairperson of M/S Hindustan Media Ventures Limited,Kasturba Gandhi Marg,New Delhi on December 16,2013 next.

Supreme Court adjourns hearing on Nov 11,2013 last:

The Supreme Court of India adjourned the hearing on the final disposal matters relating to the Special Leave Petition (criminal) No. 1603 of 2013 of Shobhana Bhartia, the Chairperson of M/S The Hindustan Media Ventures Limited,New Delhi on November 11, 2013. The Bench of Hon’ble Mr. Justice H.L.Dattu and Hon’ble Mr. Justice V.Gopala Gowda adjourned the final argument as M/S Karanjawala & Co.,counsels for the petitioner,Shobhana Bhartia sought time in writing in the court. The respondent No.02, Mr.Mantoo Sharma(Munger,Bihar) was present in the court in person.His counsel Mr.ShriKrishna Prasad(Munger,Bihar) was also present and ready to argue in the court.

The Registrar orders to list the matter before the court :

The Hon’ble Justice Mr.Sunil Thomas, the Registrar-II, the Supreme Court of India, on Sept,19,2013, in the Special Leave Petition (Criminal) No. 1603/2013(Shobhana Bhartia Versus State of Bihar and Another), passed an order to list the matter before the Hon’ble Court as per rules. The Court of the Hon’ble Registrar-II, the Supreme Court of India, on Sept, 19,2013, ordered , “In view of the urgency expressed by the parties and service being complete, list the matter before the Hon’ble Court as per rules after the expiry of three weeks.”

The Hon’ble Court also mentioned in the order,” The Respondent No.-02,Mantoo sharma, Party-in-Person, has filed the Counter-Affidavit.The Respondent No.01, Mr.Samir Ali Khan, Advocate, seeks three weeks’ time for filing the Counter-Affidavit.” It is worth mentioning that the Respondent No.01,Mr.Samir Ali Khan, Advocate is the Hon’ble counsel for the State of Bihar.

Mantoo Sharma files his counter-affidavit in Supreme Court

:Mr.Mantoo Sharma, Respondent No.-02 in the Special Leave Petition (Criminal) No. 1603 of 2013, filed by the Shobhana Bhartia, the chairperson of M/S Hindustan Media Ventures Limited(New Delhi), has filed his counter-affidavit in 315 pages in the Supreme Court on Sept, 16 recently. Mr.Mantoo Sharma is the informant in the Munger Kotwali P.S Case No. 445/2011 in Bihar.

Before filing his counter-affidavit, Mr.Sharma sent one set of the counter-affidavit to M/S Karanjawala & Co., Advocates for the petitioner, Shobhana Bhartia, the Chairperson of M/S Hindustan Media Ventures Limited, The Hindustan Times House, 18-20, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi -110001 by the registered parcel and two sets of his counter – affidavit to the government lawyer of the Bihar government in the Supreme Court by hand.Four sets of the counter- affidavit were filed in the court of the Reistrar -II, Mr.Sunil Thomas.

The petitioner prays for the quashing of the Munger Kotwali P.S Case No.445/2011(Bihar):

The petitioner, Shobhana Bhartia has filed the Special Leave Petition( Criminal) No. -1603 of 2013 in the Supreme Court and prayed for the quashing of the Munger Kotwali P.S Case No. 445/2011, dated Nov.,18,2011 under sections 8(b)/14/15 of the Press & Registration of Books Act, 1867 read with Sections 420/471/476 of the Indian Penal Code

 Named accused persons in the Munger Kotwali P.S Case No.445/2011(Bihar): In the Munger Kotwali P.S Case No.445/2011 in Bihar, the Chairperson of M/S Hindustan Media Ventures Limited (New Delhi)Shobhana Bhartia, the Chief Editor,Dainik Hindustan, Shashi Shekhar(New Delhi), the Regional Editor,Dainik Hindustan,Patna edition, Akku Srivastawa, the Regional Editor, Dainik Hindustan, Bhagalpur edition,Binod Bandhu and the Publisher, ,M/S Hindustan Media Ventures Limited( Nw Delhi), Amit Chopra, have been accused of receiving the government money to the tune of about rupees two hundred crores illegally and fraudulently by obtaining and printing the advertisements of the Union and Bihar governments in the name of illegally printed and published Munger and Bhagalpur editions of Dainik Hindustan for a decade continuously in Bihar.

The Munger police ,meanwhile, have submitted the Supervision Report No.01 and the Supervision Report No.-02 and have found all allegations “prima-facie true” against all the named accused persons including the principal accused Shobhana Bhartia (New Delhi) under sections 8(b)/14/15 of the Press & Registration of Books Act, 1867 and sections 420/471/476 of the Indian Penal Code. The historical order of the Patna High Court : The Hon’ble Justice of the Patna High Court, Justice Anjana Prakash, in her order, dated Dec 17,2012, in the Criminal Miscellaneous No. 2951 of 2012, refused to interfere in the police investigation and directed the Munger (Bihar) police to complete the investigation in the Kotwali P.S Case No. 445/ 2011 within the three months from the date of the order.

Report by ShriKrishna Prasad, Advocate. M-09470400813

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