क्या बीएचयू के बारे में दैनिक जागरण लगातार भ्रामक खबरें छाप रहा है?

: एडिटर्स गिल्ड को पत्र भेजकर जांच की मांग : From Ashutosh Dwivedi ashutosh.k.dwivedi@gmail.com, Date: Fri, Aug 12, 2011 at 3:28 PM, Subject: revised demand for probe by the Editor’s Guild, To: rajdeep.sardesai rajdeep.sardesai@network18online.com, Cc: sanjay@jagran.com, Sri Rajdeep Sardesai, President, Editor’s Guild of India, New Delhi, Dear President Saheb…


I had sent you a mail yesterday demanding probe from your Guild to look into the consistent misleading news-items published by the Jagran (Varanasi) regarding Banaras Hindu University and its Vice-Chancellor. Of course there are considerations for this which is a matter of probe by the Guild. A copy of this e-mail was also sent to the Chief Editor of the Jagran at New Delhi. Obviously on his instruction a news-item in today’s issue has been published which again mislead and avoid core issues and therefore, i reiterate my demand for the probe by the Editor’s Guild in the matter to ensure ethics and transparency.

I attached herewith complaint letter (revised) and PIB press release informing that there are only 12 Universities as potential for excellence recognised by UGC and in which BHU is not included. I thank you for your kindness.

Yours Sincerely
Ashutosh Dwivedi


Date: 11.08.11

Shri Rajdeep Sardesai


Editors Guild of India

New Delhi

(By Email)

Dear President Saheb,

At the outset I commend the efforts of the guild for transparency in media.  I particularly appreciate your endeavors. Today’s Varanasi edition of daily Jagran carried a story at its bottom on front page regarding Banaras Hindu University based on interview of its Vice Chancellor under the title, “BHU ab University with Potential of Excellence”.  The story carries mainly two points: (1) That the Banaras Hindu University being considered for “Center with Potential for Excellence”, by the University Grants Commission (UGC), and (2)  The University being no. 1 ranked in the country.Both points are misleading.  This tends to create confusion because the present Vice Chancellor has already crossed his three years term on May 8, 2011 last and the search committee constituted for the purpose of an appointment of new Vice Chancellor has not recommended present incumbent name inspite of his efforts in which Jagran has been associated in giving misleading information and creating confusion.  May be there might be a consideration for that which is a  matter of probe.

The fact is that the India Today magazine in June last year, ranked BHU number 1 university in the areas of arts, humanities and basic sciences only.  The Vice Chancellor and off course the Jagran news paper publicized very tall claims around this.  The University organized bonanzas with festivities and publicity campaigns ran and still running.  The Vice Chancellor claimed that the University has now attained a global recognition.We all are well aware that none of indian universities are in amongst 500 top universities of world. The India Today group was given fat amount of advertisements out of way in lieu of publishing this.

However, this year on 15th August issue the same magazine on the same criterion has ranked it 3rd and the Vice Chancellor and Jagran are totally silent on it. In fact in its July issue BHU’s Institutes of Medical Science and Engineering and Faculty of Law were ranked 15th, 09 and 08 respectively out of 50. However, no ranking was given for Science, Arts and Commerce faculties.   Jagran news paper in fact, has published prominently no.1 claim today made by the Vice Chancellor overlooking revised ranking by the India Today.

So far claim of BHU being considered for Center with potential for Excellence is concerned, I would draw your kind attention towards the press release issued by the Press Information Bureau (Govt. of India) on 5th August 2011 under the heading “Identification of Universities As Centers of Excellence”, has informed about 12 universities only under the category, as stated by Minister of State for Human Resource Development Smt. Purandeshwari,  in written reply in Rajya Sabha.  So this claim is also preposterous or may be false.  (Copy of the same is attached)

No doubt that BHU is a great multidisciplinary/faculty University.  But present Vice Chancellor (and also his predecessor) has in order to project their personal image only made most of the time false claims. The entire academic community was aghast to note that a newsmagazine ranking was given so much importance by the vice-chancellor and his publicity advisor who has been selected on the basis of forged research papers.He has no merit to speak for the execellance.

This is a fit matter for probe by the editors guild in order to direct to observe transparency in news reports by one of the prominent news papers  of the country and I am sure you will kindly look into this and will take necessary action.

I thank you for your time.

Yours sincerely,
(Ashutosh Dwivedi)
Mobile 09999705002

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