Kuch Log – a thought provoking feature film

: Mahesh Bhatt directed the Mahurat shot : Producer Sayed Asif Jah’s thought provoking feature Film “Kuch Log” was launched on the 25th November 2010, at Mumbai’s Hotel Novotel. Made under the banner of True Media Talkies the film revolves around the soul searching of Muslims in todays times.

Ace-Filmmaker and Social Activist, Mr Mahesh Bhatt gave the ceremonial Clap and Director Shuja Ali directed the Mahurat shot of the film on Anupam Kher and Gulshan Grover.  Also present at the event were Neelima Azeem, Arya Babbar, South Star Ganesh Venkatraman, Aarthi Thakur and Razzaq Khan etc along-with the technical team of the film. The Print, Electronic and Online Media had covered this gala event.

THE SYNOPSIS : “Kuch Log” is a thought provoking film based on Muslim introspection in today’s scenario. The film is set in Lucknow and mainly revolves around two groups, one moderate and progressive and the other conservative orthodox. This film is a request that the Muslims shall search their own soul and see if somewhere they have gone wrong and try to correct themselves for a better tomorrow.

Most probably this is the first ever film that is based on Muslim introspection. So far, whenever the Muslim problem was discussed someone was blamed for it. It was either the system or the state or the other communities that were blamed for the troubles that the Muslims are facing. We are clear in our thoughts and are not going to blame anyone.

The story starts with a young, newly married couple – Faisal and Naaz, who meet an ill-fated car accident. The girl is pregnant and cannot be saved though the doctors are trying their best. This chain of events leads to a situation that sparks a conflict between the extremists who misinterpret the Holy Quran and use it for their personal gains, and moderate groups who are trying to save a human life. Both groups have their own arguments and logic. Both try to support their respective claims in the light of Islamic teaching yet both talk in extreme opposite directions. If they are from the same fold then how can they be so contradictory? If both form their opinions based on the same Scripture and same teachings then why are their ideas so different from each other? And amidst this conflict, lies Faisal’s and a few other good men’s struggle to save what they think is more important than anything else in the world – a human life.

The film also follows the story of a dreaded terrorist who is arrested by the ATS but would not open his mouth as he is convinced that he did everything for Allah and for his blessings. Locked in his cell he awaits his so-called destiny, the ‘Jannat’ that he would attain for devoting his life to Jehad. And then his life crosses paths with someone who teaches him the true teachings of the Holy Quran. How his life changes after that and how he tries to walk on the righteous path, makes for a very inspiring story about redemption.

“Kuch Log” not only gives a glimpse of people who use religion as a tool to satisfy their own needs, it also follows characters that transcend the bounderies of religion and bond with each other like family. The character of Ravindra Tripathi for instance, calls Haji Sahab as ‘Abbu’, as he has grown up under his fatherly love and care. The strong bond that these two families share is unparalleled.

The film also deals with the issue concerning some selfish people who make their children work for money, and snatch away their childhood and their right to get proper education. Though this sub-plot is presented in a light manner by incorporating some comic scenes, the message does stand out and adds to the value of the film.

This is a film that presents us an opportunity to reflect on our beliefs, to re-think what is right and what is not. It motivates us to walk on the right path, as do the central characters of the film like Faisal, Dr. Mustafa Ameen and Maulana Dr. Ziauddin. This is our humble effort to make an honest film, and through it if we are able to convince even one person to mend his ways…

… we all think and believe it is worth a TRY!!!

Creative & Technical Team

Presenters Mohsin Ali Khan & Meesam Ali Khan

Script First Draft  Ashok Mishra

Screenplay & Dialogues Asgher Wajahat Shuja Ali

Script Advisor  Dr. Nadeem Hasnain

DOP  Deepak Pandey

Story  Sayed Asif Jah

Editor  Manan Sagar

Music  Shameer Tandon

Lyrics  Shahid Kamal / Suhail Kakorvi

Sound Designer  Arun Nambiar

Art Director  Sunil Nigvekar

Choreographer  Habiba Rahman

Costume Designer  Vidya Krishnetar

Associate Producer Cupid Mirza

Executive Producer Janeshwar Shukla

Co-Producer Dr. Farzana

Produced by  Sayed Asif Jah Hoori Ali Khan

Directed by  Shuja Ali

Comments on “Kuch Log – a thought provoking feature film

  • Main Nujjhe ji se bilkul sahmat hoon ki Kuch Log unn kuch logon ki aawaz buland karegi jo insaniyat mein vishwas rakhte hain. Ye film Bahot zimmedaar kadam hai jo logon mein ek nayi samajh banane mein madadgar sabit ho sakti hai.
    Kavita ji itni kadwahat achchi nahi sehat ke liye. bina dekhe sune aur jaane kisi bhi film ke liye aisa kahna achcha nahi hai… mujhe puri ummeed hai aap jaise KUCH LOG iss film se kuch to seekh le sakte hain…

  • jaisa ki nam se malum hai. film dekhne “Kuch Log” ayengey. film banana aasan hai release karna kathin hai. but paisa hai to film khud hee release kee ja saktee hai. but ye tay hai ki film dekhney Kuch Log” hee aayengey.

  • Kuch log etne special hote hain ke unko dekhne bahut se log aate hain. “Kuch log” ko bhe inshallah bahut log pasand karenge. Bahut se moderate log ek silent majority mein rahte hain kiyonke unko yeah ahsas rahta hai ke shayad unke baat ko koi na sun paega aur na samajh paega. Mera khayal hai ke yeah film us silent moderate majority ke liye ek awaaz hai jo saree duniya mein rahte hai.


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