Getting harassed by local ETV stringer : Justice appeal

Hi Yashwant Sir, My name is Mala Khare and I’m from Kanpur city, Currently I and my family is in enormous pressure because of a local stringer who works at ETV, Kanpur. He with his friends has been harassing me and my family since last 6 month. Sometime by calling local police at my home or calling young goons and starting argument with my brother and family.

Till now, we i.e. my whole family, have been tolerating all his nuisance, but yesterday he did a blunder by creating a fraudulent scene of getting shot and making all this cooked story looked real with support of his media friends and getting my bother arrested. I don’t know what to do and no one is helping given that local police/media is with him, as a result I humble request you to please help me out, you are my only hope. Below I’m explaining in details all the true facts.

I live in a government labor colony in civil lines, Kanpur. The ground floor room of 9th block is allocated to my father where I live with my mother and younger brother and rest of my other family members i.e. my father and elder brother resides at Lucknow given that they do job in Lucknow. We have been living in this colony since 25+ years and never ever had any trouble. This can be verified by our neighbors. Pinto, who is a local stringer for ETV, lives just above our room. Since his family is big and he requested us to allow him to use our terrace, which we initially did.

However later we found out that at late night he and some of his friends unite and drink liquor at our terrace. My brother initially objected and requested him not to drinking liquor and use the terrace strictly for sleeping purpose at night since he has space crunch at his home. But since then Pinto tried to use all his power to harass us by calling police at my home. He with the help of local police filed a complaint against my younger brother later which was turned to 151 sec of IPC so that we cannot use our own terrace and in just last 3 months police came about 6-7 times. Later we tried to get an agreement with him to demolish some part of our own terrace just to avoid any further argument/fight with him and we did filed a court case for the same.

Initially we thought that by filing the case we will not only be safe but also restrain him from using the terrace but he took it otherwise and one day he came to our house drunk and said that he will get my brother arrested very soon. We took it lightly since we never thought in our dreams that he will be serious and will go to this extend and misuse his power as local stringer of ETV. Yesterday he with his colleague named Avinash Dixit and Amit Ganju fragmented a conspiracy against my brother and created a forge story of getting shot at his leg by some handmade gun and got my brother arrested under sec 307.

This all happened around at 31/5/11 10:00 PM yesterday and in few minutes my brother was arrested from my home for the crime which he hasn’t done, I swear promise that he was at home yesterday evening and didn’t go anywhere. Later after running around here and there I found out that Pinto is hospitalized in a Tulsi private nursing home and is unconscious given that he is heavily drunk. ETV also started the news flash in minute after the incident.

Despite being innocent, I and my family have been undergoing immense pressure and depression.

This case is now under investigation of Gwaltoli police station, Kanpur.

I humbly request you to please help and get a vigilance setup against this conspiracy done by ETV report since I don’t trust the local police.

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Comments on “Getting harassed by local ETV stringer : Justice appeal

  • Hariom garg says:

    यशवंत जी,
    कृपया माला खरे की पीड़ा को देखिये और निवारण का प्रयास करें इसी अपेक्षा के साथ .
    हरिओम गर्ग

  • Dear Yashwant Ji

    Kindly help in vigilance setup against the way people at kanpur are aware about fraudlents things practised by amit ganjoo & avanish dixit in kanpur. they are working as local brokers of administartion & police officials for transfer & posting. Even they run business of brothel & blackmail people by showing their channel equity.

  • maala ji dont worry. ye aksar hota hai. jin logo ko in teeno ki asliyat pata hai wo aap ki baat samajh saktey hain. Avnish dixit is well connected with local gundas of kanpur as well as the local police. but belive me they are not so powerful. aap sahi hain aur sahi insaan ki jeet hoti hai. just dont loose hope. try to fight, dnt give up. dont compromise. jab vikas yadav, manu sharma nahi bachey to ye log kuch nahi hain hosla rakhiye ishwar par aur jo case aapney court main daal rakha hai usey base bana kar ladai ladiye. hum kuch dost milkar enquiry ki deemand zaroor karwayengey. pls mail a complaint to etv head office hydrabaad.


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