Haryana CM Hooda Justifies Liquor Sale for Sports Promotion

New Delhi: Riding high on the stunning performance of players from Haryana in both Commonwealth and Asian Games, Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda finds nothing wrong, in the recently presented Excise Policy of his state, that links the growth of sports with sale of liquor. “I do not see anything wrong if one has to pay some amount for the growth of sports while buying a liquor bottle,” he says.

Hooda voiced this opinion, while stoutly defending the highly controversial excise policy, in an interview with Ms. Anurradha Prasad, for her weekly show ‘Aamne-Samne’. It would be aired at 8 pm on Saturday and 10 pm on Sunday on News 24. While facing a barrage of sharp salvos, not sportingly all the time and losing his temper too, Hooda calls Khaps like NGOs. When asked, “Do you support the strong-arm tactics of Khaps?”, Hooda said they are not doing anything wrong. “They are merely opposing marriages within Gotras”, he said. During the course of his mission-defence for Khaps, he asked, “Would you approve marriage between a brother and sister?”

When asked, “Can Khaps be given a free-hand to do whatever they feel like,” Hooda denied the charge and said, “Nobody is allowed to take law into their own hands. Media without knowing the real situation, projects Khaps and age old village traditions in a wrong manner”.

Hooda lost his temper when he was asked to comment on the sheer neglect of Muslim dominated Mewat region of Haryana with its abysmal growth rate. “Who told you that Mewat is a backward region? It is not. There is inclusive growth in Haryana. We are building medical colleges, polytechnics there.” However, Hooda failed to answer the reasons for the shocking state of affairs in the Mewat region, which is just at a shouting distance from glittering Gurgaon.

Defending his highly controversial land-acquisition policy manfully, Haryana Chief Minister rejects the charge that they are acquiring highly fertile land. “This is not true. We are acquiring land for building roads, ponds and urban centres.” He adds, “Opposition parties are creating hue and cry without any reason and why do some people feel bad, if a farmer sells his land to do something else.” Hooda, who is a devout follower of the Arya Samaj, said if he is in politics or his son, Dipender Hooda, quits his plush job to join politics, it is all the work of destiny. Press-statement

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