Investigate corruption in Business Standard & Affraidig of corrupt persons

from Brijbhushan Gupta to Debojyoti Basu, TN Ninan date Sun, Mar 13, 2011 at 9:00 PM subject Pl. Investigate, corruption in Business Standard & Affraidig of corrupt persons, R/Sir, Still my father is sick, serious & in critical position. So further I am extending my leave from 19th March 2011 to 15th April 2011 , 28 days for take care of my father.

Pl. call back to me delhi as a transffer from Hydeabad to Delhi due to above reason, because I m a very responsible person at home Delhi in my faimly. This is with refrence of your letter dtd 09.03.11, when i joined in Business Standard as a supervisor {process} delhi office vide appointment letter
dtd. 29.01.94 by ABP Ltd. at the time of joining i disscussed & gave the joining report never i will not go to out of station as a transeffer, because i m a Delhi based person.   Vide letter no. PM/TR/2145 on 29.11.95 transefferd in Business Standard Limited on same terms & conditions never, i will not go to out of station as a transeffer, this is in official record.

I react & ignore the unofficialy work by corrupt lobby, thats why they intensaly sended to me Hyderabad as a transeffer. another staff was ready to go there but they sende to me. I informed many time to Debojyoti basu, he said keep mum & do your duty. he said i m also working with Alok Aggawal & my service are 4-5 year remain. Debojyati basu, in your letter dtd. 09.03.11 point no. 7, Was you there for work in Hyderabad, &  you done the work there and you informed to me for the same by mail.

I made true allegation agaist corrupt lobby Alok Aggarwal, Debojyoti Basu, H L Gupta & Santosh Kumar Sharmas and Akila also., because i informed yo every thing but she did not took any action aginst corrupt persons. because she is also involved in his lobby, thats why they told you can go any where nothing will do against us. I prove the evidence to corrupt lobby to Fact Finding Commitee to Vikas kamal & Kamal deep singh, they said we are also bound. I have received copy of that, it will proove in court coming soon.

The corrupt lobby had lot of true allegation like They want to do unofficial work , useing of paper reels in record by me, because they used the paper in press to another press clint, this is informed to superiors sauthority also.    Alok Aggarwal purchased BIMAAR AGFA PROCESSOR with his lobby, always this was under maintainence, I react for the same.  FITNESS FUTION, the owner of this orgenisation is Namita Aggarwal w/o Alok Aggarwal lot of work done in Business Standard account, like desing , processing, film output printing etc…….Is alok authorised to do the work for FITNESS FUTION.

I react and ignore for the same and they told to me CHUP RAHO, MUHN BAND KARKE NOUKRI KARO, UNYATHA GUMBHIR PARINAM BHUGTNE PADENGE. thats why they intensally sended to me Hydarabad as a transffer. If ever in life with me and my faimly any incident, accident, misshappning etc….. the corrupt lobby Alok Aggarwal 9811222611, Debojyotibasu 9811222602, H L Gupta 9810641741 & Santosh Kumar Sharma 9868125257 will be involve. because they give me threat GUMBHIR ARINAM BHUGTNE PADENGE…….So I am affraiding of thems.

Still waiting issue of FITNESS FUTION Investigation.   Pl. inform……… & Investigation must by GLOBAL DETECTIVE AGENCY.

Warm Regds

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