The events unfolding yesterday in front of TV was like watching a sequel of Peepli live but this time the movie was beamed really live. It was made by a new production house NBA (News Brodcasters Association) which saw to it that all masala of commercial cinema was in place complete with item number. At  begining  there were differences among News Channels who would produce and have exclusive broadcasting rights…

But the competeion among them was to much and time was running out of the golden opportunity and Wednesday had already come when TRP’s would come and so they settled for joint venture. Their was some hint of casting couch by casting director or maybe the other actors who had come on before could not bring suitable pairs for casting. The first to come for audition was Mr Ajit Singh who wanted lead role of Nattha but could not bring somebody to play role of brother Budhiya instead he wanted to go all alone and dump the role of Budhiya which was rejected py prod house. The came another legend of acting Mr Shivpal Singh Yadav he also wanted lead role of Nattha and forgot that the script demanded Budhiya who has a sheet anchor role in the film and as the production house had decided that the film would be telecast live in its raw form without post production it was necessary to go by script.

If  Mr Yadav had used his brains and presence of mind (which unfortunately he dosent have or why would he protest for months whithout any issue and when he gets an issue his party fails to grab it) he could well have settled for role of Budhiya and given the lead role of Nattha to his nephew Akhilesh Yadav but it didn’t materialize. The third actor to come  for audition was  Mr Rajnath Singh who also wanted to play the lead role of Nattha and had even manged for another actor Mr Sharad Yadav to play role of Budhiya and he was ready but Mr Singh should realize that Nattha’s role needed a young actor not a Life time achievement award winner who is past his prime as there was much at stake for production house NBA  so both were declined the role after which their Publicist (Mr Shanwaz Hussain) cried foul to the media about casting couch (Cong and BSP are hand in glove on issue).

After all the audition for two days it was at last decided by prod house to rely on the current hit pair from house of seasoned actors the grand old party of our country atleast they were assured of collections at box office .In comes latest heartthrob Mr Rahul Gandhi or as he is fondly called Rahul  baba to play Nattha and seasoned actor award winning Mr Digvijay Singh or Diggy raja to play Budhiya  the rest as you saw yourself was left to viewrs . The film started before sunrise because Rahul baba reached the sets very early and rehersed for the role with all the lines and scene in tandem with diggy raja so that nothing went wrong when camera starts rolling they were a little nervous to accept the role at beginning as they knew that the film was being made on property which didn’t belong to production house nor were their permission sought from property owner (Bhenji Mayawati) but they took risk and had their security people do a recce of sets before hand.

Around 9am the film started to roll non stop fluidly most of the dialogues were deliverd  by Budhiya Oops ! Diggy raja as in original Nattha was the same as much of confused in the sequel also didn’t know what exactly was happening, by the way he is as confused of late we had heard him saying the distance of Banda to Delhi as Banda to Luckhnow in one of his sppech  in rally at Banda we were fortunate that he didn’t say his old dialogue like his brother Budhiya  blameing  RSS ,VHP and Bajrang Dal for all the dispute on the property.

Thank God Osama was killed in Abbotabad or else Budhiya would have said his killing was carried out by communal forces it was attack against minoritys. As such he has already taken up the cause of Osamas burial with Obama in his press conference. Comeing back to the film  it was entertaining with glamour quotient given by English reporters with all their beautiful  good looking anchors which brought some relief in tense moments unlike their poor cousins the hindi channels who lacked enthusiasm and looked jaded. But little did these preety  English rporters knew  their glamour would be short lived as their was an item song which was a surprise from prod house yes MUNNI BADNAM… by none other than seasoned item king Mr Amar Singh (wonder the lyrics suits him in every word after hearing the tapes like Saifu se leke Lambu khada  each and every word of the song try hearing the song keeping him in mind you will be amazed how much it is like Mr Singh) he came danced and went in bad mood because the prod house didn’t give him single frame with Nattha and Budhiya also came late in the shot by the time song was over he had to dance all alone in front of villagers.

He was very miffed Nattha didn’t even give a courtsey call after all he was the item king of industry and today itself the Supreme Court had given permission that his tapes be made public and played for masses he was very happy but after Natthas rebuke and the prod house also not giving much credit he left sets in huff. By now everybody was confident of pack up but the property owner (Bhenji) on whose set the film was being shot had other plans she knew that the climax and end of film would be decided by her whims and fancy she took her own time and waited for night to set in so that she could throw spanner in the climax thought by prod house by denying them Prime Time viewership of climax and maintain suspense instead gave their old forgotten cousins (Print Newspapers) the opportunity to make the climax their headlines and earn a little.

All in all it was followed as per script now it is upto public to give their rating and verdict on film and actors their performance. The best way to show the protest in favour of people of Bhatta Parsaul was shown by  Yashwant ji through bhadas4media home page where the black patch appeared it was hitting and it truly meant otherwise all were antics of hypocrite politicians. But the real end of this film will have to wait till 2012 UP elections  Why? we will discuss later.

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