Rahul Himself Will Decide When to Get Married : Robert Vadra

: Robert Vadra in an interview with Live India’s Journalist Shadab Siddiqui said that the decision of when to get married lies with Rahul Gandhi himself : One of the most eligible bachelors of the country is Rahul Gandhi and all the eyes are on him for when he will be getting married. Expressing his views on the same Rahul’s brother-in-law Robert Vadra said “Rahul is a very busy person, he travels a lot to campaign for the party and for him his work has always been a priority.

Because of his busy schedules, he could never look at anything else even to his marriage. But as a family we do have concern about Rahul’s marriage but as a liberal child the final decision of when to get married lies with Rahul himself” said Robert Vadra in an interview with Live India’s journalist Shadab Siddiqui . Another man in the Gandhi family who is getting married is Varun Gandhi, on this he happily said “Varun did come personally to invite us all for his marriage and if we all decide to and get time we will definitely be present at his marriage”.

On the matter of joining politics as he does belongs to an influential political family he said “It is not mandatory to step into the shows of the family you belong to. I have a very good established business and that keeps me occupied full time. I am very happy handling my business and have no plans to join any other business even if it is politics”. Further elaborating about his business he said “I am trying to join a social cause through my business. I help ladies in rural areas to start doing some productive work from home and make their life better. I want the rural people in India to grow”.

In this season of cricket when the world cup is on and all the Indians are buckled up to support Indian team, he also plans to mark a visit to live match “I am always busy with my work and business but my kids are so excited about world cup. They want their father to join them for the same and they won’t agree but will drag me to the match with them. I also see no loss in spending some quality time with my family so will join them.” Expressing his feelings further he said that he also has same spirit about our Indian team and he hopes that we will win the world cup. “Every game should be played with a good sportsman spirit and be it win or defeat you should accept it and try to improve. I think our Indian team has very strong players and if at times they do not perform well they shouldn’t be criticized”. प्रेस विज्ञप्ति

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