Shalin Tv Network is going to launch infotenment channel B24

चैनलWith greetings we are going to launch a 24 x 7 infotenment Tv channel which is concerning by Shalin Tv Network. In the changing context of time, the electronic media has no doubt, became a major source of information and entertainment simultaneously. It may be because the electronic media appeals to the masses strongly in comparison to other mediums of mass communication.

Now a days, TV channels are increasing at a fast pace. Every channel wishes to hold the numero uno position in this race. The channels are trying hard to gain maximum viewer ship in fast growing media industry. Established and even upcoming channels are trying hard to make their dent in this fast growing market by pushing more fund and recent technology. But in fact the viewer ship of any particular channel depends upon the taste and preference of the viewers.

Keeping this view in mind, we are launching our B 24 channel very soon. Which will keep the people abreast with the latest happenings  globally. “B 24” would be committed and dedicated channel with a difference, as we pledge to present  honest, truthful, objective and sincere reporting of the latest happenings. “B 24” will serve the nation round the clock.

“B 24” will function not only as a news broadcasting station but it will act as a platform which covers all important aspects, catering to the requirements of the children, youth, women, senior citizens and other sections of people specially the downtrodden of the society who are mostly remain untouched. This channel will have news, views, analysis, discussion, and other entertainment programs as well as live telecast of current affairs and shows. Among the various news and entertainment channels, “B 24” holds a special recognition because it will have a distinct advantage of rapid and fast news broadcast and live telecast, following is its punch line “KHABRON KI NAYI PAHCHAN”. Our news coverage will not only be authentic but also in depth, incisive and informative that fulfills the total requirements of the viewers from all aspects.

“B 24” is a 24 hour channel so viewers can enjoy watching programs of their taste any time as they wish. We promise to telecast not only news bulletins but also complete information on different issues through panel discussion or live shows on various topics like politics, economy, socio- cultural, sports, current events etc, which are worth important in this modern and fast changing society.

A national level Channel is – One of the few Infotainment Channel in India. Direct interrelation with the audience through every means of media. Promotion of Channel in the entire Bihar/Jharkhand/West Bengal. Online promotion of all activities on our official website. We are dedicated to Innovation & Quality in providing Healthy Entertainment, News Information, Mesaages, Education & Teleport Services. Press Release

Comments on “Shalin Tv Network is going to launch infotenment channel B24

  • veer chauhan says:

    अरे ये न्यूज़ चैनल के लिए निबंध लिखने की कोई ज़रूरत नहीं थी कम से कम इतना लिख दिया होता कि ये चैनल लॉच कहां से होगा शायद कुछ बेरोज़गार भाईयों को नौकरी के लिए एक और उम्मीद की किरण नज़र आ जाती

  • rajeev ranjan says:

    iska head office kaha par hoga. kis kis field me requerment hai, ap tak resume pahuchane ki E-mail kya hai aur interview kaha par aur kab hoga,

    Rajeev Ranjan Madhukar
    3D Animator % Flash Animation (Handle the MCR @ PCR Equpment)
    Mo : 09718648171

  • indra nivas shahi says:

    media to sirf approch walo ke liye hi hai jiske chacha,mama,dada,papa,aur vhaiya hai unhi ka media me job ho sakta hai. ;D

  • harpreet kaur says:

    beeeppppp…………….ye sare khabariya channel naujawano ka bhavishya kharab krne me kyu lge hue ha….mat atyachar karo beepppppppppppppppppp………


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