STOP the coverage of Lalbaugcha Raja

Mumbai : Owing to repetitive instances of misbehaviour and arm-twisting with Electronic Media, Meeting of TVJAs Hon’ble Invited Members has come to an unfortunate conclusion by majority, to STOP the coverage of Lalbaugcha Raja w.e.f. Today.  This decision was taken after a week long discussion through E Mail first & then in today’s One to One meeting held at Mumbai marathi Patrakaar Sangh at 12 30pm…

…which was participated by Heads of majority Channels operating from Mumbai. Those who could not attend have participated through Telecon & E Communication.  During this year’s Ganesh Festival Mandal Kaaryakartaas used foul language & threatens to beat reporters if they shoot the manhandling done with a Police Man in front of Ganesh Idol. Though Mandal Prez gave an apology on this issue on the same day. but, then a TV Journalist was manhandled yesterday by kaaryakartaas below Mandal Office.

The TV Journalist was on duty to report preparations of proposed Auction arranged by Laalbaag Cha Raja Ganesh Mandal. This Incidents are nothing but additions to such incidents from last few years. And this has forced us to take this unfortunate decision. Here we wish to clarify that we do not showing any disrespect to the Lord Ganesha but are expressing our concern towards the attitude of Karyakartaas of respective Ganesh Mandal & Security issue of Media Crew.

Prasad Kathe


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