there is not any investigation on the channel…

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Dear Yashwant Ji, This is with reference to your news regarding Channel One & Lemon TV on your news Portal which we refute as it is all false & baseless. Kindly take note of the matter & publish our views also as single sided story develop “bad mouth talk” which somehow or the other malign & tarnish the image of Channel. Regarding the alleged involvement of Lemon TV with Naseer Khan let us make it clear with the fact that….

Naseer Khan is the proprietor of the firm ‘Great Entertainment’, a production company which produced a movie SHADOW and hired Lemon TV for the  promotion of the said film. As per our books, we will also update you with the fact that  Great Entertainment still owes near about Rs. 7.00 Crore to Lemon TV Network. Lemon TV is no where concerned about the source of the money & the Channel neither take any responsibility for any public money nor was aware of the source of the fund dispensed for promotion of the film SHADOW, to other media as well.

Let us make you also very clear of the fact there is not any investigation on the channel so far& the legal department has already  served legal notices to concerned media who has published these false baseless news without taking the Channel’s version & have also filed defamation suite & criminal case against those who tried to malign the image of the Channel.

So, whatever the allegation made on your portal doesn’t hold any ground & we hope to have the necessary amendments. We always look forward to have the other party’s version before publishing any false & baseless news in order to avoid one-sided aspect of the matter, creating any further confusion in the fraternity.



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Comments on “there is not any investigation on the channel…

  • madan kumar tiwary says:

    Dear have you ever signed any agreement with ‘Great Entertainment’, ? please put copy of agreement here in support of your argumental plea. you know role of production houses if not , visit Big synergy website. whether ‘Great Entertainment’, offered to show movie or your channel made agreement to telecast it. please provide copy of agreement.

  • पता नहीं लोग अंग्रेजी में क्यों लिखने की जीद करते है जब अंग्रेजी आती ही नहीं


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